"How to Strategically Build Your Company
to Achieve a 10X Exit Value"

Our SME CEOs Exit Wealth Builder Strategy

Our Goal is to 10X Your Company Value in 3 Years.

The RISE'No Cash Down' acquisitions strategy lets SME's take over a series of 'Bolt-On' companies. You consolidate overheads and cross sell between companies to increase revenues, with the aim of multiplying the company value and increase the payout you get on exit. To make it happen we raise a percentage of the deal value from within the target company assets, allowing you to take control, with the rest of the acquisition costs paid from the cashflow of the business over an agreed period. 

How Rise Works

Using our ‘No Money Down’ Strategy, You Could Take Over a Series of Bolt-On Acquisitions to Grow Your Company, Bolster Revenues and Multiply EXIT Values.

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How We Help Build Your Company (Shareable Deck). Review and share our deck with your team. If it looks like it could be a fit, schedule a call with us.

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An Exit Story

Someone out there is looking to add turnover and profit through buying your company and ‘bolting’ it on to theirs….It might not be a good deal for you.

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The 3 Stages of Our Exit Wealth Builder.


The Discovery Stage

The discovery stage is where we find out if the Rise Strategy will be a fit for your growth and exit plans.

In a series of telephone strategy sessions and by reviewing the information you give us about your business, we'll know the type of company you can buy, the finances we could raise and the growth plans we can work to. 

How to know if this is right for you.

Discovery Step 1.

We get in to the detail of what your company does and where the RISE growth strategy could be the vehicle for growth you need.

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Discovery Step 2.

We review the kind of companies that will strategically grow your business and formulate a plan to find, fund and acquire them.

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Discovery Step 3.

When You are ready, we discuss, your plan and get it ready . We agree to the next stage, Engagement.

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The Engagement Stage

We will find the opportunities for you, value, negotiate, fund and close the deal

When you engage the Rise team, we find, fund and acquire a series of 'no-cash down' companies to build your company into a streamlined, valuable business group.

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Book a Free Strategy Call

We’ll talk you through the options, based on your company, sector and exit needs.


We take time to understand your business as well as your personal motivations. When we understnad your needs, we . can give you the best advice.

A Strategic Approach

You stay in control. Anytime you want to pause or stop the roll out of your strategy, we’re a phone call away. Call your strategy partner to discuss.


The Acquisition Stage

Build to Sell.

Bringing the deal home. We take care of the entire sale process, right up to handing you the keys. And it is the seller, not you who pays our transaction fees. Our aim is to acquire a series of companies to build your exit X10 over a three year period. Book a Call today to talk through your options for multiplying your company value

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As soon as we are engaged as your M&A team, we bring in our researchers, analysts and deal makers to find the right opportunity for you.

Our focus is on finding deals that can be funded through the business you are buying. We review the numbers and tell you what’s possible. You are always in control.

As soon as you take ownership of the new company, it’s time to cross sell and consolidate, add value and pay down debt. The aim is a debt free asset within 36 months, added to your exit plan