An hour of 'dive deep' strategy with our CEO...


Explore the Possibilities

Find out exactly how you could grow your business into a global brand with multiple companies generating revenues and profit. Decide if our way of doing things is a fit for your business.

Talk Funding and Deal Stacks

Funding deals isn't always about writing a cheque. We have over 250 finding deal stack strategies that create a win-win opportunity for you and the seller.

Talk Next Steps

Once you have an understanding of deal frameworks and how to build a company that eventually Private Equity will acquire, you decide if this is an adventure you want to pursue.

Our 1 hour consulting fee is fully refunded if you decide to join our acquisition or Virtual Merger programme

Designed to give you the clarity and confidence to decide if joining our programmes is the perfect for for growing your business.

This is an hour spent with Jamie Sylvian, Founder and CEO, who joint-founded the company that rebranded as Uswitch and sold for £210,000,000 in 2006.

In our hour together we aim to talk about a number of joint venture, virtual merger and acquisition strategies you can use in the coming months and years to build out your business, join our mergers programme, buy competitors, increase headcount, multiply revenues, maximise profitability and ultimately, make your business the kind that Family Offices, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Trade buyers will pay a premium for.

We believe this hour will give you clarity, strategy and direction and you'll leave the call/meeting full of ideas. If we're wrong, if for any reason at all you don't feel we have given you ideas worth hundreds of thousands, then simply let us know and you will be refunded every penny within a day. No questions asked. You agree you received actionable strategy advice, or the hour is free.

Multiply Your Exit Value
By up to 10

Our Strategy Explained


what we


If acquisitions are the right approach to building out your company revenues and value.

We'll focus on you, your model, clients, reveenues and decide if you could buy a business using our strategies to find fund and acquire companies.

How a 'Virtual' merger is a low risk, low cost approach to maxing exit revenues and cash value.

We'll go through the virtual merger, how your company could become a member of our programme and multiply cash at exit by at least 3

Strategy Mapping: We'll talk timelines, costs integrations and managing the new businesses

Once we've decided what approach is best, we'll go through a strategy session to work out how this can actually happen for you and your company.

This is your no risk, low cost way to really dive into the possibilities of how your cash values grow through acquisitions and virtual merger joint ventures. If you decide it's not for you, no problem, at least you know. But if you do see the value, we can move forward and onboard you into our programmes.

We Partner With

Also working with Rise Strategies to fund deals are the Quadra team have over 150 years of M&A experience. They come from:
Quadra Global Capital Corp is a London and Vancouver bassed Private Equity and Investment firm which makes control and non-control investments across a broad range of asset classes including technology, manufacturing, security, distribution, travel, retail, engineering, resources, media and real estate.
Our 1 hour consulting fee is fully refunded if you decide to join our acquisitions programme