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If you're looking to raise over £25m / 30m, let's chat and see if we can help ( we probably can ).

If you're looking to raise more than £25m / $30m, we can help you get there.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box on raising finance. We have over 90,000 investors in our global network with a wide range of investing interests.

Before we accept your project, it's important for all parties to understand and accept the potential for getting the funding you're looking for. Acceptance of projects is primarily based on the viability of the opportunity presented and the appetite of our investor network for inclusion in the funding proposal. Both companies looking to raise seed capital and fully operational businesses with traction and revenues looking for expansion capital are evaluated on their milestone achievements, estimated business opportunities, and critically, ability to service the investment.

Our mission is to provide the due diligence that the endeavour requires. We undertake all the research, market, feasibility, financial, and background material. Our internal process is custom designed by each of our investors or group to clarify what information they require to make the best investment decision.

"Fantastic, many thanks indeed for your time and the “bonus” time you graciously gave us, the team were really animated and enthused"

Billion Dollar Gaming Company Bet Victor - Gibraltar.

"In 90 days, we researched 4,200 strategic target companies, sent 21,423 emails, opened 263 conversations, engaged with 47 opportunities and delivered 3 fully funded acquisition opportunities worth over $37m in brand new top line revenues for JaaR Group Canada"....
JaaR Group Canada

Jamie Sylvian, Founder at Rise Strategies - This is what we do.

Jamie has been a dealmaker and strategist for over 25 years. He was a Joint-Founder of the company that re-branded as Uswitch.com and sold for £210m. He now inspire CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide to build their own high value EXIT strategy, offering experience, advice, contacts and 'sleeve rolled up' help on deal making. He advises on strategic planning and has built a global network of specialists to make M&A deals happen, from basic phone based consulting to full stack Private Equity M&A Deal team. Let's work out what you need, then I'll help you make it happen.

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