Raising Capital For An Acquisition?

We can offer you funding up to $500m for your global acquisition strategy.


We work with financial institutions, VCs, Private Equity, Family Offices and wealthy investors to secure both equity and debt funding options

Our fees are paid by the funders and investors we connect you with, meaning you get our strategy advice, 20 years of network building and relationships with global funders...for free!


There are NO personal guarantees required and your personal assets are never at risk

We focus on deals that are stable, reliable and can be serviced appropriately. The level we work at means personal guarantees are not appropriate, so you can rest easy knowing you are never holding personal risk when you work with our partners.

Here's What We Do.

Our Partners bring experience from some of the worlds
leading finance houses.


Here's How We Do It

Step 1 - Book in a call with our CEO

You have got big plans and our role is to help you realise them, so the first step is to have a conversation with our CEO, Jamie Sylvian

Step 2 - Your Executive Summary

A well written Executive Summary will give us everything we need to see to make a quick preliminary decision if we can help you to raise the capital you need. Once we ahve received the document, we review it and on your behalf talk it through with some of our trusted funding partners.

Step 3 - Meet Our Preferred Funding Partner

The final choice on the funder you use is of course, up to you. Depending on whether a debt deal or an equity deal is more appropriate for your plans, we will set up a meeting with funders, investors, private equity, VCs or other partners who we feel are the best fit for your strategy. Our partners will cover the refundable deposit requirements and fees once the capital raise has been achieved There is no cost to you for us doing this.

Step 4 - We will present an agreement

Within a couple of days (usually the same day) you will receive the agreement from us/our partners. Review the document, and digitally sign it off. Included in that process is an invoice for the deposit amount agreed in step 3. Once the signed document and the deposit has been received we can get to work on preparing your funding docuemnst

Step 5 - Meet The Team

It is time to build out you deck, proposal summary and financial models For that you will need our team with hundreds of millions in capital raise between them. The idea is to create a deck that we know from experience our investor network will read, review and act upon. We are bringing years of experience to your fund raise from the fist day,

Step 6 - Proof of funds

Investors will want to see your skin in the game – Meaning the raise requires, from you, between 2.5%-10% of the capital raise value. Once we have that proof of funds ( during stage 5) we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ll be confident in presenting your requirements to our global investors and lender network.

Step 7 - Investor Engagement

We will be talking to exactly the kind of investors, who work with either debt, equity or a mix of both to find the right people for your deal. Once we have them in place, we make the introductions and sit back while you make a decision on the best approach for you.

Step 8 - Your funds received

You will be fully on-board with the process we take to raise the capital you are looking for. Once all parties have agreed terms we will raise the money for you. We let you know when the capital is ready to deploy.

Step 9 - Our fees

You will have paid an on-boarding deposit before we got started. The good news is, when we deduct our fees from the capital we raise for you, that deposit is sent right back, every penny. Our partners will deduct the agreed amount for fees and they, not you, pay Rise Strategies for managing the whole deal through from start to finish.

Here's What You Can Do With Our Equity or Debt Strategy

Let's Talk Fees and Payments
Acquisitions Capital Raise
This fee is a deposit only and returned to you in full (subject to certain criteria) once the capital has been raised.
Success Fee
Fees for raises are between 3% and 5% for acquisition finance. ( $30k to $50 per M raised)

Here's Our Shareable Deck

The duration of the loan for your acquisition is 10 years. Deal funding can be repaid earlier
Your repayment schedule will be between 3% and 6% depending on the details of the loan transaction
Cap Raise Fee
Depending on deal size you will pay between 3% and 5% of the capital raised in fees
We have dozens of creative ways to fund your deals. Even the trickiest deals can have a solution

This is What Our Clients & Partners Say


Acquisitions Capital Raising

1. Who are Rise Strategies?
Rise Strategies Ltd is an acquisitions and joint venture and capital raise consulting and advisory company.

While we operate globally, we are legally registered as a Limited Liability Company in Gibraltar with registration number being: 121430

Our registered office is: Suite 4 | 2nd Floor | The West Wing | Montarik House | 3 Bedlam Court | GX11 1AA | Gibraltar

Our address in the UK is:
Rise Strategies (London)
24 City Road

Rise Strategies Limited are registered in the EU financial hub of Gibraltar, with partners globally.

Gibraltar is the EU domicile of choice for financial services including funds, traditional and alternative management, insurance companies (open-market, captives and reinsurance) and private clients (pensions, company management, trusts, banking, and high-net-worth residence). Gibraltar offers a well-regulated, transparent and internationally-cooperative jurisdiction with access to financial markets including the right to access the EU single market in financial services.
2. Is Rise Strategies a bank, broker,lender,financial institution?
3. How much does Rise charge for a capital raise event?
4. Explain the fees we'll pay on a successful raise for me?...
5. Can you give me an example of a debt based loan?
6. How much is the deposit?
7. Who holds the deposit?
8. Can you deduct the $18k on-boarding amount from the money you raise for our company (so we don't have a cost for doing this raise)?
9. I can't afford to pay the $18 returnable deposit - Is it negotiable?
10. How long does it take to raise our capital?
11. Besides the fee that Rise Strategies charges, are there any other fees / brokers / middlemen / banks / lenders that we'll need to pay?
12. So exactly how does this work?
13. Do you guarantee you will raise the funds for us?
14. Do you have any case studies of Deals Done?
15. Can I call some of the companies you have raised capital for ( for references)?
16. How long has Rise Strategies been around?
17. Are fees payable to Rise Strategies liable for VAT?
18. Am I personally liable for the capital raised?

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