Once we've reviewed your application and feel we can help, we'll let you know by email and send a link to a call with our Senior Team
For now though, your application form is on it's way to us. Here's how things go from here.

If we think we\'re a fit...

You will receive an invitation from the Rise team to jump on a call to make sure everything is clear and understood. ( ZOOM audio or video)

You application is on the way to us

The application will initially be viewed by our senior deal team to make sure we are a suitable fit for your needs

We work out the best fit amongst our lender network & partners

Going on our conversations and the application form submitted, we work out who amongst our global network of funders is the most likely to be able to raise the capital for you, and make the introduction. We talk to you first to make sure you are happy with our recommendation.

Introductions to the best suited funders

You will receive a call or email (your choice) from the preferred lenders that we have agreed is the best fit

Agreement and on-boarding fee is paid

The funding partner will send you all of the agreement documentation and an invoice for the refundable on-boarding fee. Once this is signed and paid, you are ready to begin the capital raising journey

timeline expectations

From signing the agreement to having cash deployed allow 60-90 days

Working with your deal team

You are now ready to start working with the cap raise deal team. They will contact you to set up a zoom meeting so that you can get acquianted and work a plan of action, agree responsibilities and confirm timelines.


You will receive conformation that funders are interested in your case, the terms and timelines involved. They may ask for a processing fee (provider dependent).If you decide to go with them they will provide an LOI that you can show to other parties as proof of funding being made available to you.