"We partner with you to multiply the size of your company. Buy, build, consolidate and exit"

If you're ready for serious growth and a life changing exit, consider our funded acquisitions joint venture. While you focus on running the 'day to day' in your business, we partner with you to find, fund and acquire a series of 'bolt-on' companies to build a highly valuable group, then, when you are ready, prepare it for maximum exit.


Our model is 'equity for consulting joint venture' it means that we become 20% partners in the deals we find, fund and acquire. We'll set up a brand new holding company with an 80/20 equity split.

To you it means that from day one, our fortunes as partner are aligned. The better deals we bring, the better the price, the fit and the acquisition strategy we bring, the more valuable our equity and yours, becomes. In short, you run the businesses day to day, we build the group and secure the eventual exit.

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Running a business is challenging enough, so while you take care of the day to day, we take care of research, outreach, engagement, valuation, negotiation & funding.

It's important to note that we don't get involved in running the companies other than at a buy side strategy, level based on the fit for acquisition opportunities. You are always in control of the company. We focus on the acquisitions.

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So, what's possible?...

Really, the sky's the limit. We'll continue to bring deal after deal into the mix for as long as it takes to build to that life changing exit. Could this be a fit for you? The easiest way to find out is to book in a call and talk it through.

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Let's face it, organic growth is slow. Our funded acquisitions joint venture partnership on the other hand, could double your business size and value in an afternoon. Let the dust settle...then do it again.

Right now, we're building a $50m engineering group in Canada and a $30m Digital Agency group globally. We're interested in talking to you if you'd like to build a group around the successful company you already run.

You remain wholly in charge of your company, making the decisions, hiring staff, chasing new customers...while we focus on finding an acquisition and engaging with company owners to find the next great 'bolt-on' to grow your business.

Our approach is to create a new holding company with our equity built in. Then all companies acquired sit within that holding company. It also means your existing business is ring-fenced and protected.

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Join our Acquisitions Partnership to find, fund  and acquire a series of small businesses, build, re-brand and exit.

"We're already partnering in marine engineering, construction, digital, publishing & IT. Let's see if we can help you grow too!

Our role in this adventure is to find the right companies to buy, engage with the sellers and chase down the deals that will build your company. We take care of finding the opportunities, engaging with sellers and financing the deal opportunity. If Private Equity is the best way forward, we have partners in that space too.


Let's talk process.

We allocate one of our researchers to seek out opportunities based on the criteria agreed. We also employ a data analyst to build up our outreach to suitable opportunities. Then we run a continual relationship building campaign. We take care of the Initial meetings (via ZOOM) and when a deal looks possible. Our finance team review the best way to fund the deal.


Let's talk time frames.

It takes a couple of weeks to a month from the start date to actually having meetings with potential sellers. Once we're up and running, We aim for at least X2 serious seller meetings each week. You can expect to have your first acquisition completed in around 90 days.


Let's talk investment levels.

Our goal is to find and fund companies with revenues over £/$1,000,000 up to £/$10,000,000. You will be the owner of 80% of these businesses, we will own the remaining 20% - Running our team to find these opportunities has a monthly costs of £2997 $4000 Things like legal and accounting fees or due diligence will be borne by the target company or if you do pay those costs, they are then taken back out of the funds of the acquired company, or billed to the new company from your existing business, Once we have the first company on-board our fees and any acquisition expenses can be paid from the cashflow of the acquired businesses.

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We're building a series of virtual mergers, aggregating revenues, consolidating systems and selling to Private Equity at a much higher multiple than you could ever achieve as a stand alone business. Meet our Founder Jamie Sylvian as he explains how a Virtual Merger will work for your company....

Low cost & high value.

Our virtual mergers has a small management fee of £1000 to multiply your value by millions.

We bring +150 years of experience.

Our virtual merger team have over 150 years in combined corporate finance experience at the highest level

Your brand, global.

The moment you join our programme you get access to partners globally for joint venture partnerships.


A completely de-risked strategy.

This is a 'build to sell' strategy, but you have full control over your company decisions.

This strategy is all about collaboration.

We partner on every merger deal, so our fortunes and ambitions are perfectly aligned with yours.

You keep what's yours.

You never give up equity or management. You run your business your way while we create the wealth and exit strategy.
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