Build Your M&A 'war chest' by helping companies raise their own M&A capital

"We're Looking To Partner With Just 4 Highly Motivated, Up and coming M&A professionals...

To help them build theeir own M&A cash pile while also creating a 'side' business that provides CEO level income, helping large companies to raise capital.

If you're a fit, working with a company looking to raise $10m would earn you around $50,000. And we take care of the entire raising process.

Go for 10 average deals in the next 12 months and you'll build an acquisitions 'war-chest' of $600,000. We'll show you how.

Place that $600,000 into your own M&A fund and we'll help you leverage it into $6,000,000 - $12,000,000 for your own life changing acquisition.

"One of our US partners recently brought us a capital raise deal for $40m - Her commission - $200,000"

Introduce us to companies looking to raise $3m to $280m

In this partnership, you operate under our well known brand, reach out to company owners on Linkedin or email who are looking to raise capital up to $280m. You make the introductions to our senior team, we'll take it from there and pay you a substantial commission for every successful deal.
Also, your overheads are minimal. So your net earnings can be in the hundreds of thousands per year. Just 10 average deals could put more than $600,000 into your personal M&A fund in the next 12 months. Think of the kind of company you could buy when you leverage that into $6,000,000 to $12,000,000

How it works.

Using LinkedIn, Email and your networking skills, reach out to companies looking to raise capital.

We'll close the sale with you

We'll jump on zoom, book phone calls and do everything we can to help you close the deal

No Personal Guarantees ( a game changer )

To fund these opportunities, we structure the deal so that there are usually no personal guarantees required, If the deal is great but a PG is required, your client can insure against that PG being called in.

Step 2

Once you have had a meeting with them to make sure they fit our criteria, hand them over to our deal team.

We take care of the raise

From the moment your clients signs up with us, we'll take care of everything to get the deal funded

The 'Land & Expand' Strategy

You will bring value to your clients in raising capital your clients business expands so does your value and influence, meaning they will be happy to keep you on board and earning fees with them for years.

"The problem with looking for seller financed, no-money-down acquisition deals is that if you end up with the kind of company that the owner would simply give away. Ask yourself, how good a business could it really be? - Isn't it better to start your journey with enough capital and leverage to buy a large, multi staffed, fully managed company, one with life changing revenues?"
Jamie Sylvian, Founder

Our partners come from some of the worlds leading finance houses

Rise are proud to be partnered with professionals who bring 150 years of M&A
financing experience from some of the worlds most prestigious finance houses.

"If you're interested in joining us
for this adventure,this is what to do now"...