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Jamie Sylvian

"What would your business look like 5 years from today, in a perfect world?...and what if we could get you there in just 12 months?...Let's have a chat via ZOOM and find out.



Jamie was a joint-founder in a tiny London marketing business called SIRA. The SIRA team built the business into  a Multi-Million £ revenues business, rebranded it as and sold to EW Skripps in the USA for £210M in 2006.

These days, Jamie is an investor in companies, business acquirer, advisor to high growth businesses and acquisitions dealmaker for businesses up to £50m in revenues. He is the Founder at Rise Strategies, virtual merger specialist and advisor to Private Equity firm Quadra Capital in London and Vancouver.

Jamie now  has interests in Digital, IT, Property, Real Estate businesses, build mergers and joint ventures between companies and partners with Private Equity to find, fund and acquire businesses for partners and clients.


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