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Don't Aim to Beat Your Competition.
Aim to Buy Them!

If raising the money wasn't a challenge, which competitor, supplier or other 'bolt-on' business would you buy?...

TWO Strategies to growth Through Acquisition.


The Private Equity Approach

We are advisors to and partner with a London Private Equity Company. They will guide your business to growth through strategic acquisitions and arrange up to 100% of deal funding.

The Rise Strategy Partnership

In this approach we find the deals, value the business, negotiate the deal, raise the capital and acquire the business, ready to hand it to you build.

Which Strategy
Works For You?...


Heading for IPO?

Our Private Equity Partners will give you the kind of reputation the brings real Firepower

Need Funding?

Quadra have a global network of deal funding partners to cover any type of deal funding.

Need Global Reach?

Quadra have partners globally, ready to help you expand your business globally.

Need a Deal Team?

Quadras 11 person deal team cover all the bases in terms of funding your M&A deals.

Need Experience?

Quadra have brought 3 companies to IPO. With their guidance, you could be next.

Need Advice?

If you think this is a way to go, book in a call with the Quadra deal team through us.

At Rise, We Also
Find The Deals For You...



As partners, we set up and manage a personalised deal researcher to source the best buying opportunity.We utilise numerous approaches to finding the deals.


Before we even mention your company name to the target, we engage with the business owners to determine if and how a deal can be structured


We take the lead on negotiations to work out the best deal for you, based on the strategies and approaches we have developed together.


We currently employ over 250 strategies to fund these acquisition deals. Our goal is a win/win for all parties, to build a deal structure that protects you at all times.


Once a business has been acquired, we hand it to you to manage, integrate, consolidate and build. While you take care of that, we'll go about finding the next great deal.

Choosing the right approach means working out how much time you have to find the right deal, work on negotiations and deal funding. You can choose the 'big guns' at Quadra if an IPO is your goal, or for a 'Buy and Build' strategy, the Rise approach will bring the deals to you. 

The Scale Effect

Here's Our Shareable Deck


Decide the Best Approach For Your Growth and Exit Plan.


£6,995 Set-up

£1850 monthly fee for the research and deal finding process.

15% of equity in new acquisitions

Fees after first deal are paid from acquired companies.

Deal Valuations, negotiations, valuing included

Full finding, funding, negotiating strategy included

Over 250 'deal strategies' to get you the best acquisition terms possible.

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£15,000 Set-up

£950 Monthly access to data rooms

Legal and financial team built in

20% of equity in new acquisitions

Funding from 95-100% of deal

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!

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