Whether it's for an acquisition, to fuel new growth or debt restructuring, we connect you directly to qualified investors from our approved network of 90,000 accredited investors, +300 family offices, 78 lending institutions and dozens of high net worth investors"...


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$2 Billion


Capital Raised From Our Network

Debt. Equity or a Hybrid, let's talk

Raise Capital For Growth or Acquisitions...You name it - we can raise the capital to make it happen.

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Raising capital for your company is a serious business. You want the best to get it done. Our partners come from some of the most prominent finance houses on the planet:

All the Capital You Need...

We've made growth capital simple (because we do it for you)

#1 Book a Call

Let's jump on a phone call. Tell us about you, your team your company and products and we'll work out who and how we can help you raise as much growth capital as you need to take your company to the next level. We'll talk fees and expectations and if appropriate, send you our agreement for review.

#2 Meet Our Team

If you decide to work with us and once we know we can help you, we'll set up a further meeting with our senior team. Together we'll go through the process, agree what investors will need to see from you and then get our team together to build your story into investor decks, projections and offer letters ready to engage our network.

#3 Raise the Money

Once we have created your proposition documents, deck, agreement paperwork and the investor pack, we'll put your proposal in front of our investors, all looking for the best pace to deploy investment capital. They know, like and trust our team to guide them to the best 'off market' opportunities.

So How Do We Make Money By Bringing Money to Your Company?...



Our success fee is based on deal size, the amount raised and is paid when funds are received by you.
100% refundable


100% refundable if we cannot raise the capital you need and refunded as a credit note if we can.

3% - 7%

Review your companies ability to Raise

Our team prepare your deck and financials

Prepare Investor deck and summary.

Online meeting with your team to assess needs

Liaise with your Management team

Present to our qualified network

Each deal takes around 30-50 hours of our deal team to prepare your company for a capital raise event

Meet with interested investors

Team guides you through the process

Choose the best option with you

Capital Raised

Deposit returned to you when capital is raised as a credit not on deal fees

The Rise Strategy

Our Modular Strategy, backed by investors around the globe. All in your own time.



Capital Raise For Fast Growth

We 'll raise up to $2bn to fuel the next stage in your company growth. We become your Cap Raise team as you build your company.

Start Acquiring Other Companies

When you raise money, we'll build in the capital requirements to jump start your growth or M&A strategy.


IPO or Float Your Company on the Nasdaq?

The ultimate goal is to eventually exit to Private Equity or IPO your company. We'll guide your growing business to an IPO, giving you access to investor capital and allow you to take money 'off the table' by selling shares in your newly floated business, if that's the direction you'd like to head in...

OK, Here's What Others Think...


"In 90 days, Rise researched 4200 target companies, sent 21,423 emails, opened 263 conversations, focused on 47 JV opportunities and delivered 3 acquisition opportunities worth over $37m in additional top line revenues

Ravi Bim, Chairman, JaaR Group


George Mountbatten,
Marquess of Milford Haven

"Jamie from Rise and I joint-ventured a marketing company start-up. From a tiny office in London, UK. It became Uswitch.com - sold for £210m".


"The Rise team are key strategic partners for us in our varying Private Equity endeavours. Highly recommend Rise and their deal team.’ "

Perry M. Anderson -Private Equity investor and Founder of Quadra Global Capital Corp.

Capital will be critical to your growth in the coming years - We're here to help

Your 'Go To' Capital Raise Team


First things first. Book in a call with our CEO to see if we're a fit for each other and get started with on-boarding.

If everything adds up, we'll get to work on creating your decks, offer documents and proposals


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Your professionally written investment proposal will be put in front of over 90,000 qualified investors


As we are Fund Raising Consultants and not Broker /Dealers, Securities Advisors, A Bank or Private Lending Institution, Rise Strategies Limited will specifically not provide any of the following services to you and/or Company: Negotiations for the sale of any of the Company’s securities; discuss details of the nature of the securities sold and/or induce or offer recommendations as to the sale of the securities; engage in due diligence activities; structure the financing; provide advice relating to the valuation of or the financial advisability of any investments in the Company or negotiating the terms thereof; or receive, handle or retain any funds, cash, notes or securities on behalf of the Company clients or any other parties. The Company assumes and acknowledges all responsibilities, rights, liabilities and warranties for all and any Investor and Investment discussions, negotiations, offers, decisions and contracts it makes and receives from us, including those made with and regarding any investors as introduced by us under the terms of this agreement. All of these services, as relevant will be provided with/by the companies and /or investors we introduce you to as a part of our services.

Understanding Our Service Offering

Rise Strategies operates globally as fundraising consultants and acquisitions and joint venture strategy consultancy. We are based in Gibraltar under company number 121430