Deal Strategy Coaching
For Your In-House Team.

Give Your Team the Support They Need
to Find, Fund & Acquire Strategic Bolt-on Companies.

Guiding Your People Step By Step

We'll lead the way, With strategy calls, training, guidance and support for your key team.

Building Your Unique in-House Strategy.

We'll guide your team on how to find deals, valuations, negotiations and deal funding. This is end to end consulting and strategy advice.

Our Approach.

This is NOT the kind of advice you'd get from an accountancy firm or bank. We work with your team on strategy,implementation of deal finding, approaching targets, negotiating and creative ways to fund all of your deals.

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Here's Where We Can Help.



Via scheduled team ZOOM calls, Our first step is to talk through the entire process with your key team. Our goal is to formulate a shoter- medium and long terms plan of acquisitions.

Deal Finding.

We'll be focusing on the people who will take care of your outreach. We'll teach them how to set up the outreach process, what to write, and how to deal with inbound enquiries to filter deals with potential.


When deals start to flow, we'll work with your finance people to value deals, spot opportunities, kick out time wasters and work out if an opportunity is worth pursuing. This section could save you hundreds of thousands of £/$ on every deal.


The most important part. The approach you use in negotiations can make or break any deal. We'll be there to advise your team, on how to react to the sellers push-back on price, process and principles.


Smart acquirers don't write a check for the companies they buy. We'll take your team through a series of ways to buy businesses for low to zero cash down. When money is no longer a barrier, how fast could you grow?

"This service is designed for company with a team in place to undertake the research, outreach, financials and negotiations, but who could do with a helping hand to get each deal across the line"

Jamie Sylvian


Three Ways We Can Work Together

Introductory Strategy Call

Spend an hour discussing business strategy.

Go through an entire deal stack strategy to see what's possible in the short, mid and long term.

Discover how deals can be structured to minimise cash outlay from your company.

Understand how these strategies can work for your company.

£140/ 1 hour

Limited to X 2 calls - for new clients only

Month to Month Team Coaching

4 hours monthly strategy coaching ZOOM to guide your team.

1hrs discretionary 'as needed' advisory calls per month to discuss deal progress.

We'll talk through strategy with each of your team based on their role in the plan.

Additional strategy calls at 30% discount (unlimited based on your needs).

Month to month, no long term commitment

£1980 month

Payable in advance, with full money back satisfaction guarantee.

Quarterly Team Coaching

8 Hours monthly strategy coaching ZOOM calls to guide your team

3hrs discretionary 'as needed' advisory calls per month to discuss deal progress.

We'll talk through strategy with each of your team based on their roles in the plan.

Additional strategy calls at 50% discount (unlimited based on your needs)

Assistance with introductions to respected finance, due diligence and legal specialists.


Payable in advance, with full money back satisfaction guarantee.

Coaching faq's

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We Partner With

Also working with Rise Strategies to fund deals are the Quadra team have over 150 years of M&A experience. They come from:
Quadra Global Capital Corp is a London and Vancouver bassed Private Equity and Investment firm which makes control and non-control investments across a broad range of asset classes including technology, manufacturing, security, distribution, travel, retail, engineering, resources, media and real estate.