We'll Find Your M&A Opportunities

"In 90 days, we researched 4,200 strategic target companies, sent 21,423 emails, opened 263 conversations, engaged with 47 opportunities and delivered 3 fully funded acquisition opportunities worth over $37m in brand new top line revenues for JaaR Group Canada"...We'd love to do the same for you!

We don't just find the deal...we fund it too!

Finding an opportunity takes time. When you find it, you need to be ready to close the deal before the opportunity goes 'open market' and a competitor with deeper pockets comes along.

So work with us to be ready to go as soon as the deal comes up. If we start now, we'll be ready with an LOI that much quicker. We'll get the numbers checked, take care of due diligence, create the funding offer and provide the LOI quicker than anyone else. Deal done. It's yours.

Deal Sourcing.

Deal sourcing is a numbers game, it can take a lot of time.

Our approach is to bring the service to you, for less than the cost of getting on of your own team to learn the approach and execute.

At Rise, we have a full research and outreach team who do the heavy lifting for you, delivering qualified opportunities and securing the capital to get the deals done.


Fast Start.

With this strategy expect to be having acquisition conversations within about a month of starting .

Professional Messaging

We take care of the complete outreach programme, from data research to writing emails and Social outreach messages.


We can work with you as negotiators for the deal too. While you're busy running your current company, for a small slice of equity in the new deal, we'll take care of negotiations too


Targeted Research.

You decide on the target sectors, we get to work on large scale outreach to find you the opportunities.

You Take Control.

When we source an opportunity, we'll gather key data and pass the information on to you and your team to follow up.

Funding Deals.

We have the capacity to help with deal funding for growth too. Talk to our team and see if our strategy could be the right approach for your company growth.
Here's an Acquisition Strategy That Might Work For You

Here's how the process works

Step 1 - Book in a call with our team

We go through with you, in detail what kind of company you are looking to acquire, size, geography, sector and value. That gives us the criteria to target the kind of companies we will be reaching out to on your behalf

Step 2 - Agree Fees and Terms

We get an agreement over to you for signature. Nothing complicated, just setting expectations and making sure both parties are fully aware of whats going to happen. Sign the contract (online) and we are good to go

Step 3 - Preparation and outreach warm up

Our team start to build up a campaign for you that includes list research and management, Linkedin profiling, email writing, Social media research. Anytime you want to see what we are up to, you have direct access to your Deal Finder.

Step 4 - Incognito outreach

We start general outreach, connecting to business owners within the criteria agreed with you at step 1 – At this point your company is not mentioned – we are acting for \\\\\\\’a client\\\\\\\’

Step 5 - We jump on a call with interested parties

We talk to them about the opportunity to exit their company, discuss how the deal can be done and work out if a deal can be done.

Step 6 - Valid deals are passed to you and your team

As soon as a potential deal comes in, we send you the details. Company, revenues, web site, info on reasons for sale. All that data you\\\\\\\’ need to decide if you want to further the conversation.

Step 7 - Meeting

We set up a meeting between our team, yours and the sellers of the company. At this meeting we give the seller the confidence that you are a fit as the new owners and how, financially, we can help get the deal done.

Step 8 - You decide how to proceed.

You have met the seller, discussed values and you like the company. We have established that we can fund up to 97.5% of the deal. The next steps are you getting comfortable with the deal. Meet face to face, review the P&Ls, build an executive Summary to help us secure funding

Step 9 - Funding stage

Once you have prepared a standard executive summary – you work with our funding team to secure the capital to get the deal done. we take the executive summary to our funding partners, review the deal and work with them to come up with a workable funding solution.. There\’s work to do at this stage, ww need P&Ls, forecasts, info on both companies and more

Step 10 - LOI

The company/s we have worked with to supply the finance will provide you with a letter of intent and proof of funding set up. You can take this to the seller and close the deal