Grab a coffee and learn more about the AgencyNation Virtual Merger Strategy, how it works, the values and risks, fees, timelines and exit goals.

Join Rise Founder Jamie Sylvian to learn more about joining our Virtual Merger Exit Strategy.

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Every 2nd Tuesday
3pm-3.30pm GMT

In 30 minutes you'll know everything you need to make a decision on joining our programme


How it Works

We'll talk you through the strategy, how it works, how it multiplies values, who will buy it and for how much.

Who it Fits

There needs to be a cohesive strategy in the group you join. We talk through the approach to fitting the pieces together and your place in the mix.

Exit Timelines

We discuss the timelines to exit, what to expect, how to manage your team during the transition to the new owner and of course, the money.