When You Partner With Rise, We Find, Fund, and Acquire Strategic Companies to Multiply Your Exit Values

Finding the right for for an acquisition takes your key people a huge amount of time.Not any more

Why you need
Exit firepower...


Acquisition is the Fastest Way to Grow...

With a fully funded acquisition strategy you buy and build, consolidating overheads, cross selling products and services and increasing EBITDA values.

Each Business is Protected....

Every business we buy together sits within a specifically set up company, protecting your existing 'platform' business from potential future shocks.

No Personal Guarantees...

Your home is safe. You will not be asked for personal guarantees as these are business deals bought through a corporate structure. There's nothing to stop us buying 10 even 20 businesses to build your group.

Get Your
Exit FirePower!


Partnering with Rise

The Rise team become your deal team. We become equity partners in the deals we bring to you.


While you get on with running each business and adding value, we'll be busy finding the next deal to bring into your holding company.

Scale is the key

Each business we buy comes in at a muck lower multiple EBITDA value than when it becomes a part of a much bigger enterprise.

You have the helm

You remain in charge of the business, but we encourage you to build up the team who will take charge when you exit the company. That;s what larger buyers will be looking for.

a de-risked strategy

There are no Personal Guarantees required and we create the funding strategies for each deal using OPM. Each acquisition is ringfenced within its own trading entity

If you were selling your 'stand-alone' company today with a £/$300,000 3X EBITDA it would bring you around £/$900,000 - But when you add 'bolt-on' strategic companies your £/$900,000 multiplies as your company scales.

The Scale Effect

Here's Our Shareable Deck

Onboarding & Management Fees

With an Exit FirePower strategy, we charge a £6950 (local currency equivalent) on-boarding fee. That get's you set up and organised. Each month thereafter, you pay £1950, covering our research team fees, costs of outreach and our management fee. When we bring in a successful deal and that company becomes a part of your business, we retain 20% equity in that company, you retain 80%. Each company we bring on board pays £1500 management fee, paid out of the new company revenues.