Fixed Management Fees &
Partnership Equity Framework.

Joint Ventures

Let's build your business together! - In our jount venture partnership, we find, fund and acquire successful, team managed businesses that you add to your business group and run, day to day.

Onboarding fee: £6999 (one time)

Monthly Fixed Management Fee:
From month 2 onwards: £2997/month.

Includes hard costs of data purchase and outreach overheads. We will find the deals, engage the owners, review the business, negotiate the offer, arrange the funding and bring the deal in.

When we bring in the newly acquired company and place it under  your management, if you wish, we can also work on building out the new company too with growth through new acquisitions  For that, Rise invoice a fixed monthly management fee of £2997 per month paid from the newly acquired company.

Rise Strategies retain 20% equity in each business we add to the group portfolio. 

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Virtual Mergers

Adding your company to our non integrated 'virtual' merger gives your company the benefit of scale.

You get to cross-sell in the group, JV with group partners and ultimately 'notionally' add your revenues to the aggregated accounts of the group, putting each brand, working together on the radar of Private Equity and private Family offices.

Here's the deal:

£2995 on-boarding fee

£950 per month from month 4  onwards, payable in advance, to fund our outreach to grow the merger and add ultimate value, for a group manager to take care of the day to day and quarterly consolidated accounts.

Rise Strategies retain 20% of deal value as success fee in the virtual merger when we have exited. 

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Sell Your Business through Rise.

Set up Fee: £2450

Often, Rise will acquire your company, though of course, it might not be a fit for us.

But don't worry. We are networked globally with business acquirers, family offices and Private Equity. We can find a fit.

We will research and liaise with potential buyers of your company. We will create the financial deal stack that works for both parties.

We can introduce you to accounting and legal teams if required.

Our fees are 5% of total deal value.

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Acquisition Deal Structuring

Set Up Fee: £3600.

In this deal, you already have a target business but you could do with a 'helping hand' and would like us to help with negotiating and structuring the deal and arranging the finance (up to 100%), we can do that too.

Please note that legal and accounting due diligence is a separate cost which will be billed by the specialists to the company you have acquired, not your existing company.

We charge 4% of total deal value as a success fee.

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