Acquisitions Joint Venture

Start-up,Monthly& Equity

Onboarding & Strategy

4 hours total onboarding and strategy ZOOM meetings to create a structured plan of action with you and your team.

Create a step by step plan with you for identifying best practice to begin the acquisitions process.

We'll talk through strategy with each of your team based on their role in the plan.

4 hours total additional private strategy calls with you as owner of the business.


Payable in advance, with full money back satisfaction guarantee.

Deal Sourcing

We research the market, identify targets, approach and engage ( all in confidence and anonymous at this stage)

We review potential deals sent to us through outreach, direct mail,Accountants, law firms, insolvency practitioners, Brokers, Banks, Finance House, Private Equity, Family Offices and our network of introducers.

We value the business, review financials and explore over 250 strategies to bring the deal in for minimal cash outlay.

We negotiate terms with the seller, bring in specific deal specialists to make sure the deal is sound and bring the completed business to you for day to day management.


We have a fair time resource policy for the time our team spend on finding deals.


We work with you to build the value of each acquisition through ongoing build to sell strategies and consulting.

3hrs discretionary 'as needed' advisory calls per month to discuss deal progress.

We'll talk through strategy with each of your team based on their roles in the plan to maximise the value of the business.

We introduce a full advisory team of financiers, legal counsel and growth strategists.

We identify and engage with potential acquirers of the company, group of companies or holding group.

20% on exit

Our 20% is converted to cash when the company exits. If there is a structured/ deferred/tier/earn out agreement, our payments align with yours for each deal.

Virtual Mergers

Join, Grow, Exit


Spend an hour discussing how your company will fit into our Virtual Merger Programme.

Meet Other members of the VM on a ZOOM call to make sure you are comfortable with the structure and framework of the agreement.

Review Contract and agree terms

Become an official partner in the Joint-Venture Virtual Merger

£2995/one time

On-boarding fees may vary according to overall deal structure.

Your Place in The Virtual Merger

3 hours (if needed) hours monthly strategy coaching ZOOM to guide your growth within the VM.

Monthly 1hr ZOOM meeting with all members of the Virtual Merger to discuss strategy

Cross selling opportunities within the group to spread your brand and maximise value for all group members.

Quarterly accounts review to discuss the growth of the group as additional companies come on board.

Management fee is per month from month 4 onwards, payable in advance, to fund our outreach to grow the merger and add ultimate value, for a group manager to take care of the day to day and quarterly consolidated accounts.

£1000 month

Payable in advance from month 2, with full money back satisfaction guarantee.


Rise will manage through the engagement with potential acquirers in Private Equity, Family Offices and Trade Buyers.

All businesses within the group will be independently valued by a 3rd party valuations process

You will have the option to withdraw from the exit if it is not appropriate for you.

You will have a vote in all actions pertaining to the VM and exit strategy negotiations.

Assistance with introductions to respected finance, due diligence and legal specialists.

Rise Retains 20% of added value on exit

Rise is paid in the same timeframe and format as all VM partners, ie, deferred, stock options, earn outs etc.

Our other services fees are based on the work involved. Schedule a call to see if it's a fit