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Acquisition Capital

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Acquisition Capital

"Found. Funded. Yours. - We help you find the perfect acquisition targets across the globe. We source, engage, qualify and when the right deal comes along, we can fund up to 97.5% of the acquisition price, right up to a Billion Dollars"....

Our partners bring you experience from some of the worlds
leading finance houses.


"In 90 days, we researched 4,200 strategic target companies, sent 21,423 emails, opened 263 conversations, engaged with 47 opportunities and delivered 3 fully funded acquisition opportunities worth over $37m in brand new top line revenues for JaaR Group Canada"....
The Cash Raising Process

Speak to Our Deal Team - 15 Minutes

The first step is to book a time to speak with one of our team. They are all Cap Raise Superstars but you can choose someone close to you (geographically) if you wish.

Meet Our Strategy Team - 30 Minutes

If our deal team think we can help you, they will book you into a second call to meet (phone or video, your choice) with our Senior Team This is where we dive deeper into what you are looking to achieve. We talk you through our terms of business and assuming you want to work with us, agree to move forward to step 3

We work out the best strategy to raise your capital - 3 days

Once you are onboard with us and we have worked out the best approach to your case, we start talking to our network of Debt Funders, Private Equity, and Specialist Investors on your behalf. The aim here is to give you choices on who you deal with to build your strategy.

Well Introduce you to the right funding partner

In a ZOOM video meeting, everyone jumps on the call so we can introduce you to the individuals, private equity, debt funder, VC or Family office that will be raising your capital. From there we work with you in the background to make sure everything goes well.

Preparing for the Raise Event- 2 weeks

You work with the funding team to prepare documents, due diligence, create a deck and get ready for the raise. In the background we will be working with them too, making sure that we have the right strategy, approach and outreach to get the job done.


Your proposal and deck is sent out to the right people. Depending on the type of raise we are doing for you, we will be taking enquiries, engaging with investors, answering questions and leading the investors towards becoming a part of your business.

You get paid

The investors have lined up, or the funders have confirmed the capital is ready to be deployed and you are off and running.

We get paid

Remember, The work the Rise team do for you does not have a direct cost. Our fees come to us as commissions from the companies and individuals we work with to bring them the investment opportunities. As introducers we are paid a commission for the introductions and it does not add a penny to your bill. Nice.

"Rise Strategies Founder Jamie Sylvian was a Joint Founder of a small UK based sales agency that grew from one small office to over 500 staff and an exit value of £210m"