'Done for you' Joint Venture Programmes

“If we can show you how to add hundreds of thousands in pure profit to your bottom line by using your current resources, with no effort and zero upfront cost on your partand us doing all the work – would you be willing to share some of the new money with us?”


Reduce Ad spend dramatically...while bringing in new customers and revenues

We partner you with other business to cross promote your products and services. These are non-competing businesses that target similar customer avatars to yours. A zero cost, win/win strategy.


We'll bring the deals to you

Our role is to work out the best kind of joint venture deals for your company, then reach out to our network and engage with potential partners. From their we agree terms and set up and manage the entire deal, end to end. You just prepare your team for the stream of new business coming their way,

Here's How Joint Ventures Work

Yes... we can connect you with reliable, profitable JV partners who are an exact match for your business, because we find them from scratch through outreach engagement and discussion

"The Awesome Power of Joint-Ventures"!

The idea of the joint venture is as simple as: Business A agrees to include Business B’s brochure or an endorsed letter in their next mailing campaign, brochure, web promotion or as a webinar or podcast guest. They do it  either a percentage of the new business generated or sometimes if Business B agrees to do the same for them to their customer list. The result is Business A -->  

gets instant access to a whole new influx of customers without having to spend any money on advertising or market research to find them. In practice...let's say I hooked you up with a client of mine who has built up 10,000 active buyers, all similar to your own customer profiles...and we created a cross promotion campaign  that converted at 30% and a $50 income per sale to you (so 3,000 sales). Your revenues would be $150,000!.. at ZERO cost

Joint Ventures work,

Because all Parties Have
The Same Goals.



We'll connect you to companies (hosts) with strategically aligned, non competing products and services to run joint campaigns between both companies.

Zero Cost

At no cost to you, the host company cross promotes your company to their list of confirmed buyers and leads. You agree to do the same for them and agree profit shares.

True Partnership

You know your sector, your market and your people. You'll know the kind of joint venture opportunities make sense. We'll work out a strategy and together we'll make it happen, with us leading each project.


Rinse & Repeat

Our goal is to work with you on a new project every month or two. We become your JV team, tune the entire show and take a slice of the new business generated. Fair?

Low Risk Strategy

No money changes hands to do these deals. You share in profits made from the extra campaigns we put in place, as do our partners and we take a share on business generated.

"Use Joint Ventures to Add $750,000 a month to your revenues..

...In this scenario, I set up a JV between you and my client company who have +50,000 active, loyal and regular buyers, all similar to your own customer profile. Assuming we get the same 30% conversion rate and the same $50 revenue per sale, the campaign would produce 15,000 sales at little to no cost to you and your revenues would be $750,000!..
at ZERO upfront cost

A joint venture is a win-win situation because everybody gains and nobody loses. Joint ventures cut through the top heavy expense of finding large numbers of customers from scratch. You don’t need to do any market research. You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive advertising. You don’t need to weed out unqualified clients. Joint ventures drive right to the customer in one swoop.
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Our goal together is simple.We have global reach in structuring deals with strategically aligned, positive, pro-active companies looking to joint venture and add profits to their company and yours. We create the opportunity, make the introductions, enage with all sides and advise on approach and campaign management. For that, we take a small slice of the new money made from our partnership with you.
Jamie Sylvian