Joining Our Lead Scout Team.

Welcome to Rise Strategies, we’re privileged to have you as a part of our team!

This is your on-boarding email, and it’s important.

First up, you need to review and agree to our way of working together. I have a document that puts our relationship into context, sets parameters and expectations and establishes you as a freelancer offering services to Rise Strategies Limited (rather than an employee) and how much you will be paid.

Find the agreement here;

Your photograph on our team page

Next step is a headshot with a very short bio. We appreciate you’ll have other occasions to be online and may want to stay incognito. BUT, your leads will almost definitely pop by to see if you’re for real.

So, send us your headshot and a quick personal bio. Where you’re based, what team you like, kids, hobbies, achievements – Just a couple of lines that humanises you to the people you’ll be talking to.