Here's How We work With You
  • Strategy 1: Strategy 1: Learn Our M&A Approach and do it yourself.

    Over the last 20 years, our Private Equity partners have invested into a company sold for over $1BN, privately brought three companies to IPO and have helped secure capital for acquisitions on dozens more. In just 8 online sessions, you'll learn exactly how the find, fund and close deals. Learn it, apply it for fast funded growth with acquisitions.
  • Strategy 2: Strategy 2: We’ll find your M&A deals.You take it from there.

    One reason SME entrepreneurs and business owners steer clear of acquisitions is the time it takes to source opportunities. We've fixed that. With our deal sourcing service our research and outreach team take care of the deal finding process on your behalf. Based on your requirements, we'll set up a comprehensive out reach programme to deliver opportunities to your inbox. You simply review the opportunities, choose that ones that fit and take it from there.
  • Strategy 3: Strategy 3: We’ll find your opportunities and negotiate the deal for you.

    If you find that engaging with potential sellers takes too much time and risks you taking your eye off the ball at the company you run right now. We can take care of the entire find, engage, value, offer and funding M&A process for you. Led by our Founder and CEO Jamie Sylvian with over 20 years in business development and M&A, who was Joint-Founder of a UK company that sold for +£210m, our deal team become yours, reviewing opportunities, engaging with sellers, leading the deal from start to finish.
  • Strategy 4: Strategy 4: We’ll set up a partnership with our private equity team.

    This is the final step towards your goal to list your company on the Nasdaq. We bring in our partners in private equity to become your high level M&A deal team, including researchers, outreach managers, analysts, funding specialists, strategists, tax and legal experts. While the Rise team bring the deals that will fuel your growth and engage with sellers, our PE partners review the finances, negotiate values, create the offers for the seller and raise up to 95% of the deal capital requirements from capital markets. This leads you forward to our final strategy...
  • Strategy 5: Strategy 5: We’ll help you go public – List your company on the Nasdaq.

    An IPO is a dream for business owners around the globe. Along with the kudos and success is the ability to raise capital and expand your growth. Our team have already take three companies to IPO, we'd love to help you do the same. Our other strategies, while they work perfectly well as 'stand alone' approach to growth fit perfectly into the eventual IPO of your business.
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