Strategy 1: Learn it. Do it

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1: We show you our strategy for M&A deals.  First things first, learn how all this M&A works. In strategy one, you jump on a one month / eight module (about an hour each time) live zoom training course with our Private Equity partner. He has +20 years in PE, has raised millions in acquisition funding and taken three companies … Read More

The Growth Stack

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7 Strategies to Grow Your Business With Acquisitions. The first ( and most obvious) acquisition target is all about acquiring a company that more or less ‘does what you do’ The value here is pure Market Share. You could buy a direct competitor to you, a company that sells to the same people as you Or a firm that offers … Read More

Strategy 3: We’ll Find Your Opportunities

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Strategy 3: Deal Sourcing In our second strategyl, rather than spending your day searching Linkedin, Companies House, Social sites, forums blogs and websites, sending emails and joining in on Social media groups, my team will find the opportunities and hand them straight to you.   Deal sourcing is a numbers game and I have four researchers, two outreach managers and two … Read More

Strategy 2: DIY Research

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You know it’s great M&A data, because you researched it yourself! Unlimited Premium M&A b2b Data You know it’s great data, because you researched it yourself! “Imagine… a few clicks to get thousands of emails, work and personal phone numbers and social profiles for the prospects of companies you are looking place.

Digital Agency Virtual Merger

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DigitalAgenciesOur ‘AgencyNation Brand is a Virtual Merger’ that could multiply your EBITDA valuation from x3…. to x11.3!While every agency is different, selling your agency ‘stand alone’ today would likely realise around a 3X to 4X EBITDA multiple.Why Join Our Non-IntegratedAgency Merger?You Stay in ControlNon-integrated simply means your company, while being a ‘notional’ brand within the Agency Nation group remains entirely autonomous … Read More