How Much We Charge You for Raising Your Capital
Not a Penny.

Our money comes as a commission paid by the companies and fees we create your capital raising deal with.

To you, it means from day one we are working for you to find the best strategy to get your capital raise over the line.

The company, investors we place your capital raise with don't charge you a penny extra, but they pay us a fee for bringing your business to them.

If you decide to work with the providers we partner you with, you'll pay an initial deposit of £15,000 / $18,000 / €17,600

Then, depending on the size of raise (and this will all be contractually agreed in advance) there will be a 'success' fee that comes out of the capital raised - Which is great for you because you won't be charged a fee ( other than your returnable deposit) from cash flow, just from capital raised.

It get's better!

You'll notice when your new capital is in the bank and ready for deployment that the invoice you receive will have a discount of exactly the amount you paid as a deposit to get things rolling. Every penny, back in your account. Nice.

So our +20 years experience, strategy, opinion and approach, all comes free

Good strategy?