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Lindsay Carr – The Deal Finder

30 years in sales and lead generation

Lindsay heads up our strategy team, engaging with early stage partners to ascertain if our approach to growth and exit is a tight fit for the way our partners operate. Lindsay takes care of our global deal team too.

Steve Moran – The Numbers Guy

30 Years in Finance - Various CFO roles and acquisitions


Steve has been a finance professional for the last 30 years and up until 2004 had worked in number of corporate roles in industries including manufacturing, media, construction and telecommunications.

More recently, Steve has been aiding a small engineering / manufacturing group acquire complementary businesses performing due diligence and post acquisition implementation roles.

This culminated in an IPO onto a London Exchange in June 2020.

Now working with the Rise Strategies team and understanding their approach, Steve can assist businesses who otherwise wouldn’t have considered growth through acquisition, a clear and affordable path to significantly scale their business.

Jamie Sylvian – The Deal Maker

Founded a company that sold for £200m, Investor, Author, Adviser to Private Equity Globally

Jamie Sylvian is an investor in companies, acquirer, acquisitions dealmaker for businesses up to £20m in revenues, Founder at Rise Strategies, virtual merger specialist and advisor to Private Equity firm Quadra Capital in London and Vancouver.


Jamie was a joint-founder in a tiny London marketing business called SIRA, it became a Multi-Million £ revenues business, rebranded s Uswitch.com and sold to EW Skripps in the USA for £210M in 2006.

As Founder at Rise and also an investor, Jamie partners with and acquire SME companies with revenues from £500k to £20m He has interests in Digital, IT, Real Estate, builds mergers and joint ventures between companies and partner with Private Equity to find, fund and acquire businesses for partners and clients.