"I help companies to buy other companies using my
'Deal Stack' acquisition strategy"...

I'd love to do the same for your company.

I've already helped the JaaR Engineering Group add a potential $32m in top line revenues.... I did it in 3 months... and I'm just getting started!

Here's How it Works

Work with us and we guarantee to introduce at least 3 funded opportunities in the first 90 days

Meet Jamie.

Jamie has been a dealmaker and strategist for over 25 years.

He was a Joint-Founder of the company that re-branded as Uswitch.com and sold for £210m.

He now inspire CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide to build their own high value strategy, offering experience, advice, contacts and 'sleeve rolled up' help on deal making.

He advises on strategic planning and has built a global network of specialists to make M&A deals happen, from basic phone consulting to full stack Private Equity M&A Deal team.

"In 90 days, We researched 4200 strategic target companies, sent 21,423 emails, opened 263 conversations, focused on 47 opportunities and delivered 3 acquisition opportunities worth over $32m in additional top line revenues for JaaR Group Canada"...

Rhavi Bim, Chairman, JaaR Group

I'm working with Quadra Private Equity in Vancouver & London

We're partnered with Quadra on a number of Acquisition opportunities

I'm working with 3CC agency in London

We're bringing 3cc London
to an IPO

I'm working with Extra Sauce in London

I'm working to build Extra Sauce into either and IPO or exit event.

Build an Incredible Business, Using Other Peoples Money.

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