Process and Time Line (approximate) For Capital Raise
Preparation of Documents
Expect it to take around 4 weeks for the funding team to work with you to prepare the information required, in the format expected by the ultimate lending partner
Due Diligence and Funding Approval
From the date of your LOI ( approx 4 weeks) from your lender, anticipate a 30-60 day period for full approval, due diligence and fund deployment
Anticipate your capital raise to take around 90 days in total and have the following steps to work to. All timelines are approximate


We received your Executive Summary, outlining the reasons for the capital raise, amount required, timelines and details of Directors, investors etc


Once review of the Executive Summary is complete and we confirm with you that the project can be accepted, an invoice for the holding deposit, fully refundable is issued


We will ascertain the best funding source for your project: from VC\’s to Private Equity, Private individuals, HNWs, we work within our network to create the best approach to your case


A conference call (Zoom video / Audio) will be arranged with the funding party to review and discuss your project as well as aspects of our due diligence process and time line for completion.


After the introduction from Rise to your proposed funding party, the main engagement switches between your team and the funding team to prepare documents, financials, decks proposals etc. But we do keep an eye on things (next step)


You will be introduced to your Deal Flow Manager, the person from our company who takes care of the day to day of communications, information gathering, arranging appointments, follow ups etc


Once your funding partners review is complete and the project can be accepted, an invoice for application processing is issued by the funding company ( amounts vary). You will be invited to attend a conference call to review and discuss the project and aspects of the anticipated due diligence process and time line for receiving the deployed capital.


Upon receiving the required application fee, the Information Department will issue a Commitment to Fund with Conditions, Documentation Checklist, Source of Funds letter and or other Corporate documents for you to use in further communications with the entities you are engaging with.


A follow up review of the file will take place and if required, a call to further explain the funders process and guidelines.


Once the customer has executed the Commitment. The lender at this stage submit the appropriate forms for you/them to begin the process of arranging the capital. The terms and conditions of the loan will have appropriate rate and terms as stated in the outline and Invoice.


During the “Commitment process” time frame a Third-Party Project Valuation and or due diligence either online or in person will be issued for processing.


Upon due diligence completion (\”Commitment process\”) a final review and report of all documents and information is performed by the Executive Committee of the lending entity – usually 7 to 10 business days.


Funding of the file request is scheduled within 7 to 10 business days with the structuring of a Private Placement determined by the Executive Committee. All loans are made in the country of origin and servicing is provided by a local financial institution during the course of the loan or otherwise determined by the lending party..
This is a scenario and as such is subject to change per individual case, criteria, details of the deal and geographic location. This is made available for references only and transactions, details stated, and costs can change without notice.
This is a scenario and as such is subject to change per individual case. Illustration only