We generate invested capital in your SAAS startup by generating meetings with investors on a 100% performance model.

You have product market fit because you're already out there in the market. You know who your ideal users are because you have some traction already, and you can show absolute proof to investors that your solution works But….Money. You need the money to really get going. We can help


We become your growth team

We bring the people who bring the capital to your deal. We represent you to investors, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices and wealthy individuals around the world. Our goal is to help guide your business to growth opportunities..


You need to have some traction, we don't fit into the 'ideation' stage

We're not a fit for 'idea' stage investment. Our clients and partners are looking for businesses that have proven concept and are looking for growth capital to build on that success. If your company is already up and running and capital will help it grow, we should talk.

Jamie Sylvian on raising growth capital

Jamie has been a dealmaker and strategist for over 25 years. He was a Joint-Founder of the company that re-branded as Uswitch.com and sold for £210m. He now inspire CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide to build their own high value EXIT strategy, offering experience, advice, contacts and 'sleeve rolled up' help on deal making. He advises on strategic planning and has built a global network of specialists to make M&A deals happen, from basic phone based consulting to full stack Private Equity M&A Deal team. Let's work out what you need, then jamie and his team help you make it happen.

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"Rise will specifically not provide any of the following services to the Company: negotiations for the sale of any of the Company’s securities; discuss details of the nature of the securities sold and/or induce or offer recommendations as to the sale of the securities; engage in due diligence activities; structure the financing; provide advice relating to the valuation of or the financial advisability of any investments in the Company or negotiating the terms thereof; or handle any funds or securities on behalf of the Company. The Company assumes and acknowledges all responsibilities, rights, liabilities and warranties for all and any Investor and Investment discussions, negotiations, offers, decisions and contracts it makes and receives, including those made with and regarding any investors as introduced by us under the terms of this agreement."