Tech Company looking to raise growth capital? - Work With Our private equity partners to secure the money to super-charge your Tech-Company expansion.

We have developed a global network of 91,300 accredited VCs, PEs and investors. Serious, mature and knowledgeable business owners looking for the best investment and equity opportunities to get behind with their experience, finance and contacts.


A Full Private Equity Team, Working For You!

A full stack, 11 person team dedicated to raising the capital you need to take your company to the next level. Our partner network provides the full execution stack (analysis, diligence, structuring, legals and capital advisory) in assisting companies to close their deals.


Ideal for successful businesses with strong revenues and low debt.

We're not a fit for 'idea' stage investment. Our clients and partners are looking for businesses that have proven concept and are looking for growth capital to build on that success. If your company is already up and running and capital will help it grow, we should tak.


Success Fee - How much does it cost to raise this capital?

If you are raising up to $5m, our fees are 7% of the total raised. For raises +$5m, our fees are 5% of the total raised. There is also a monthly retainer fee of $2500, payable for a maximum of X2 months. This is payable in advance.

Here's What We Do.

Our team brings experience from some of the worlds
leading finance houses.


Here's How We Do It
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