Raising Capital.

We're not just about Acquisitions. We have also developed a global network of accredited investors. Serious, mature and knowledgeable business owners looking for the best opportunities to get behind with their experience, finance and contacts.


Our model is an 'equity for consulting joint venture'

it means that we bring the capital to your deal and become equity partners. Our goal is to help guide your business to growth through, funding, strategic acquisitions and when the time is right, an IPO or exit event.


Running a business is challenging enough

so while you take care of the day to day, we take care of raising the funds and advising on strategy.It's important to note that we don't get involved in running the companies other than at a strategy/ advisory level. You are always in control of the company.


So, what's possible?...

Really, the sky's the limit. If yoi have a solid opportunity, we can bring the funds. Not every deal is a fit for us. but the way we work means you'll know very quickly if a deal is achievable> As equity stakeholders our goals align perfectly with yours.

Apply: Let's get started.

Join our Acquisitions Partnership to find, fund  and acquire a series of small businesses, build, re-brand and exit.

Can We Help?

Our role in this adventure is to bring 'out of the box' thinking to the growth of your business. Our light touch approach, together with our continual experience working in other sectors means we bring new ideas to your company, while you focus on the day to day running.


How it Works

When you send over the completed application it gives us a chance to understand your business. We present the opportunity to our colleagues, partners and investor network. Our aim here is to generate interest in the opportunity you have brought to us.


The Right Fit

We engage with our network and those members interested in your deal. We present the figures, decks, projections and terms of the deal and they decide if and how they wish to participate. We will be the link between them and you.