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Max Your Exit Value With Our Virtual Merger Strategy

For every €, £ or $ you would receive on exit when you sell in the traditional way, you could receive X5 to X10.

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What is a Virtual Merger?

A virtual merger gives you all the benefits of merging your business with others that are a strategic fit, but without the high cost, risk and contractual obligations of a traditional merger framework. Also;

Throughout the deal you are in control of your company and brand. You make the business decisions you've always made. But with the added firepower of a proven growth team behind you.

You make the decisions

At anytime before the sale of the business group, you can decide that the merger path is not a fit for you and reverse your inclusion at no penalty and no contract break. It's important to know, you are in control.

You can reverse.

Once onboard, you are still the CEO and run your company in exactly the same way as before, chasing business, winning deals and building value. In effect, nothing changes except the cash value of your exit.

You stay in control

The owners of each company contractually agrees to a ‘virtual merger’ and become part of a larger notional group of companies in order to take advantage of cross selling, up selling and cost consolidation opportunities that may not, as small businesses be open to them.

Let’s say you are in the ‘Marketing Agency’ Space and you decide to work with us to merge your agency functionally, but not legally, with an SEO company, a PR company, a marketing Software Development business and a Design Agency. All synergistic businesses, with the same kind of customer profile.

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Your company remains an independent business entity. So, from an ownership and operational perspective, nothing changes. You still run the show, make the decisions and drive your business forward.

How We Do it.

Why do it alone?

Strength in numbers

How you stay in control

Small business sales can be tricky. The pool of cash buyers is limited, meaning you will likely sell for around 3X EBITDA. These kind of sales mean getting your payout can take years.

By joining a 'virtual merger' each new company within the group helps the companies involved to grow while increasing the potential value of the entire group, on exit. EBITDA can rise to X6, X9 or more.

Shares are not transferred to the holding company that will be sold until the very last moment, before a sale is agreed and finalised. meaning you retain your equity right up to the sale day.

Our profits are entirely taken from the value that Rise and our partners bring to the merger process. We drive the merger value while you drive the value if your business.

How we are paid.

You will be partnering with the keenest minds in Private Equity, M&A, Law, Tax, Capital Raising, deal structuring and Investment Banking, with backgrounds from Goldman Sachs, PwC, UBS, Eversheds, The Carlyle Group, and Rothschild.

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Our fees come from value creation. A success fee of 20% of the difference between the value of the company at admission to the group (i.e., 3.0X EBITDA for each company in the group) and the higher value of the company at the time of terminal sale/exit.

If you are interested in exploring how working with Rise could be the answer to selling your company at it's maximum value, read our strategy proposal by clicking the button below. Once you've seen how the pieces fit together, schedule a call with us. If things go well, we'll set up a meeting ( video call or in person) to talk terms and expectations. After that, if you decide to move forward, we'll send you the agreement for to sign up and get on board.

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