3 Strategic Growth Plays

Joint Ventures, Funded Acquisitions and Virtual Merger Exits

For Digital Agencies
Buy Your Competitor
For IT Companies

A Game Changing Business Growth & Exit Strategy

The aim of every business owner is to build the brand, create the value and one, day, sell for maximum cash value. But creating a strategic exit strategy and having a professional knowledgebale team around you to get it done can be hugely expensive.

Meet us on ZOOM and learn how we've fixed that challenge.

Rise Strategies, a growth strategy advisory service have partnered with London and Vancouver based Quadra Capital, a Global Private Equity team to help you find, fund and acquire your competitors or strategically aligned businesses. That way you build your company fast. Meaning, when the time is right, you exit at maximum EBITDA multiple.

If our strategy complements yours, we become your 'plug and play' growth and exit team. guiding you every step of the way in finding funding and acquiring businesses that will add massive value to your business. We become your partners.

Agency Virtual Merger

Learn How Our Agency Virtual Merger' Could Double Your Agency Exit Value

Imagine having a team of ‘blue chip’ M&A professionals by your side to help you execute to grow your Agency and then exit at maximum revenues. Over the next 36 months, our Private Equity team partner with you to build true value into your business and increase the money you ultimately get when it becomes time to exit.

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IT Sector Virtual Merger

It's All About Scale. Double your IT Business Value on Exit

Learn how our IT 'Virtual Merger' could Double your exit value, in 24-36 months

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The smart way to add scale and value to your IT business is by 'linking arms' with similar, strategically aligned businesses in your sector. Learn more about our 'build to sell' virtual merger strategy for IT companies

Buy Your Competitor

"Don't Aim to Beat Your Competition...Aim to BUY Them"!

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Drop in on the CEO of Private Equity firm Quadra Capital Perry Anderson and Jamie Sylvian, founder of strategic growth consultancy Rise Strategies, to discover how to find, fund and acquire your competitors or strategically aligned businesses. Learn how our strategy builds your company fast and, when the time is right, exit at maximum multiple.

About Rise Strategies

You will be partnering with the keenest minds in strategy, private equity, M&A, law, tax, capital raising, deal structuring and investment banking, with backgrounds from Goldman Sachs, PwC, UBS, Eversheds, The Carlyle Group, and Rothschild.

"We become your partners in the businesses you acquire. Your personal top tier advisory board, experts in deal finding, negotiations, funding and management to guide you step by step through each wealth building acquisition.

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Presented by

Perry M. Anderson

Founder - Quadra Global Capital Corp

Perry helped to take three companies public and raised millions of dollars for numerous companies.

Perry is an Oxford MBA and has been in Private Equity for nearly 2 decades. In 2002, he founded Quadra Global Capital Corp. a boutique Private Equity firm which focuses on the lower mid-market. Since its inception, Perry has made over 30 investments.

Perry was also an angel investor into Avigilon, a Vancouver based security surveillance company that went public in 2012 on the Toronto Stock Exchange and was ultimately sold to Motorola in 2018 for $1.2 Billion.

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‘Perry is a published author of the book ‘Red to Black: The Art of Corporate Turnaround.’ He also lectures globally on the topic of SME Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as advising numerous individuals and corporations on accelerated growth via M&A.’

Perry lives between London, UK and Vancouver Canada.

Jamie Sylvian

Founder of Rise Strategies, Investor, Shareholder.

Jamie was a Joint Founder of a small marketing company that became Uswitch.com, sold for £210m in 2006

Specialising in growth strategies, acquisitions (both buy and sell side) and Strategic joint venture alliances, Jamie has worked with and consulted to dozens of companies globally, including British Gas, financial publishers Casey Research, BetVictor ($1B market cap), Haymarket publishing, 13 UK local authorities, the Insurance and life planning industry as well as financial and cyber security firms.

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Together with a diverse team of mergers and acquisitions specialists, we'll take you step by step to find, fund and acquire your competitors, supply chain and other strategic acquisitions and when the time is right, to sell your new business group to the highest bidder. There is no faster way to real wealth on exit

Book your seat at our next ZOOM webinar - we'll talk you through our strategy to create massive exit wealth and how, strategically partnering with us, the money you get when you eventually sell will be a multiple of what you would get today.

"What Better Way to Grow Your Personal EXIT FIREPOWER
Than to Buy Your Competitor?"...

(with someone elses money)

Global Acquisitions.

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Learn more about our strategy of acquiring well established companies with long operating histories, predictable revenues and a solid customer base, that right now, sit in your 'competitor' space. We do not do start-ups and you will not use your own money for the deal - This strategy helps you to increase both your net worth and your income. it will also prepare your business in revenue growth terns to join our Virtual Merge to Exit program.

Acquire a business with minimal capital from your own pocket, then grow it and sell it on for the biggest payday of your life

Partner With Our Team

This M&A Joint Venture program is essential for any investor, business owner or tired employee who wants to escape the daily grind for wealth, freedom and lifestyle.

A true partnership

Acquire a great business in the next 6-12 months, using very little of your own capital - We'll be with you every step of the way.

No if's no Buts

"EXIT FIREPOWER gives you all the scale to exit at a higher multiple "...

Global 'Build to Exit' Strategies

If you think this could be a fit, here's what do do now.

What's The Next Step?

Book a Strategy Call

In our second call, we'll have sent you a deck, discussed your current strategy and given you some direction on how we work. In call 2 we go deeper into working together.

First off, you can learn more about our approach and the way we partner with companies to find, fund and acquire strategic companies by booking a chat wirth us.

Book a Call 'Discovery Call

If everything stacks up on both sides and we see a route to helping you build your company, we'll make a formal proposal and get you geared up for your first merger or acquisition and building your personal wealth

Meet us in London to talk strategy detail and programm

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