"So You've Found a Business to Acquire?" ...

'No money out of pocket deals' will be life changing. Getting it over the line though, without cash for the vendor at close could be your biggest challenge.

But if you had a Private Equity Partner with access to unlimited funds to buy any strategic company that was 'a fit'...you could build an empire

Now that would be life changing...Here's how it works

Build Your Empire

We'll plug the gap...funding up to 95% of the entire deal value, the remaining 5% you can negotiate terms with the vendor

Our Private Deal Team Become Yours...


So many deals slip away because the vendors are not prepared to take the risk of a no cash down deal...Bringing our Private Equity team in to the deal puts cash on the table and gives vendors the assurances they need.

Our deal team will analyse every deal you bring to them. With over 150 years in collective M&A experience Relax knowing you have a fully qualified team making sure everything goes as planned.

Deal Analisys

Legal fees are another hurdle, but not for you. We have full time legal counsel on board to ensure everything is fully managed right from the start. Our legal team become your legal team from day one.


"There are plenty of 'gurus' teaching you how to acquire companies...but our approach goes far beyond just 'theory...we actually partner with you on deals and bring the money to get them over the line"

Jamie Sylvian, Founder

The 'how to' of acquisitions is important, but it's just one part of the story. You need a programmatic approach to acquiring companies and that starts with deal financing.

We are partnering with Deal Makers to bring our entire M&A team and make deals happen. If you're on the M&A path and you need the highest level of credibility, partnering with our team is your first step to building a multi-million pound/euro/dollar empire.

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Our Partnership

Who is Rise Portfolio For?

If you're serious about building up a portfolio of companies, so are we...

We focus on multiple acquisitions and roll ups. This strategy isn't for companies less than $1m acquisition price.

This is for the serial entrepreneur...
We review every opportunity

Our in-house deal strategist reviews every opportunity to source the best options.

Deal confidently with Brokers

Our private equity partners come from the best finance houses on the planet...

With a full deal team beside you every step of the way, you can focus on deal sourcing, knowing that the funds can be available.

Our team become your team
It's all about confidence

You can now approach each opportunity with the highest credibility possible, you are backed by Private Equity.

Build Your Empire

Your deal flow will be much bigger when you can reach out confidently to Brokers, knowing you have our PE ready to get deals through.

Hello, We're Rise

Ready to explore how this could work for you? Book a call today and we'll talk through our way of doing things.

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Jamie Sylvian

Founder of Rise Strategies

Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Rise

With 25 years of deal making experience, Jamie has bought and sold companies in real estate, publishing, marketing, advertising, direct sales, local authority services and franchises.

Jamie was also a joint founder of a UK marketing company sold for £210m in 2006.

Based in London, Jamie invests in growing companies and property.

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Perry M. Anderson

Founder of Quadra Capital Corp

Perry M. Anderson is a Canadian Private Equity investor, lecturer and author. In 2002, he founded Private Equity firm, Quadra Global Capital Corp, and has completed over 30 investments across a diverse range of sectors, including Avigilon, a Canadian security surveillance company that Perry exited from that was sold to Motorola for $1.2 Billion. Perry also lectures globally. In partnership with Rise, Perry runs a tactical M&A workshop that teaches entrepreneurs how to do deals and grow their business via mergers and acquisitions. Perry is also a recent author of the book Red To Black: The Art of Corporate Turnaround.

Our People


People We've Worked With

Reviews from Other Professionals Attending The Training

Dowarka Persaud

Managing Director - PattersonKaye Resort, Toronto, Ontario

Richard Auger

Lawyer - Ottawa, Ontario

I just finished Perry’s Business Acquisition program and I am thrilled to say it was absolutely outstanding! I would highly recommend signing up for Perry’s program and can assure you that you will learn a ton and you will love it.

Matt Bodnar

Managing Partner Family Office ex-Goldman Sachs

Perry’s M & A workshop is the gold standard on how to acquire small to medium size businesses with no money out of pocket.... Attending his workshop, in my opinion, can produce dramatic life changing results within a short period of time by just following the strategies and techniques, he so brilliantly delivers.

I was blown away by the quality, detail, and practical application of the content. Perry does an incredible job peeling back the curtain and showing you exactly how he does his deals and how you can apply the same lessons.

Damian Yeboah
Managing Director - PattersonKaye Resort, Toronto, Ontario

Perry's strategies have been a blessing and have helped me acquire my second business in 2020. If I had not attended Perry's seminar, I would not have known about specific acquisition strategies that give a buyer more flexibility/options that are lesser known for taking over a business. His proposed investment criteria's make sense and his roadmap to a successful acquisition is well thought out. Perry is a highly qualified individual and should be seriously considered for his M&A Advisory.

If you're not convinced this will work for you, right up to Module 7 (out of 8) we'll give you a complete refund.

Your Complete End to End Acquisitions Strategy

£25,000 / $35,000

Your Investment

Our 'one off' investment to assemble our team, develop your strategy and create the business framework we adopt going forward. Don't forget, you can always draw this down from the business you acquire.


For each company we assist you in acquiring, we retain a 25% equity stake.Like you our big picture is the eventual exit value of the group. Our entire deal team are there to maximise your eventual exit value, in the millions

£900/ $1200 / €1060/month

Our monthly deal management fee, this pays for our team to go through every deal you bring to us, work out values and decide, with you if it is the right for for your portfolio.

Build Your Empire

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