There are 3 Ways to maximising the value of your company.

Growing Your Company Simply Doesn't Need a Huge Marketing Budget or a Risky Outreach Strategy.

There are companies all around the world, strategically alligned to yours, looking for the same low risk business expansion opportunities that you are.

Connecting your business to theirs gives you the opportunity to sell your product to their customers and/or they sell their products to yours, and you agree revenue splits.

It's a fast, simple and affordable strategy and when it's done right, it's a win/win for everybody.

We're Rise Strategies and we are working with companies right now who are looking to engage in mutually beneficial Joint-Ventures.

Current Joint Venture Projects

Learn more about our Virtual Merger partnership with London and Vancouver based Private Equity Firm Quadra Capital.

We are working with Quadra Capital to build a series of sector specific virtual merger and exit programmes to help company owners to at least double theor exit value through a 36 month build to sell strategies.

We are in the Digital Marketing Sector, the Information Technology Sector and also have developed a sector agnostic funded acquisitions partnership.

The Quadra team are made up of professionals with backgrounds from;

Our strategy is to work with you to create a proposition that non -competing, mutually advantageous companies will jump at, because there is value for them, for you and for our team too, for brining the deal together.

Jamie Sylvian

Founder of Rise Strategies, Investor, Shareholder.

Jamie was a Joint Founder of a small marketing company that became, sold for £210m in 2006

Specialising in growth strategies, acquisitions (both buy and sell side) and Strategic joint venture alliances, Jamie has worked with and consulted to dozens of companies globally, including British Gas, financial publishers Casey Research, BetVictor ($1B market cap), Haymarket publishing, 13 UK local authorities, the Insurance and life planning industry as well as financial and cyber security firms.

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