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"You won't see us advertising your company on a web portal and hoping for a buyer to get in touch. We have a global network of acquirers looking to buy right now. Also..."


We don't charge an upfront fee, so there's no cost or risk to you...

Big name Brokers often charge £10,000 or more, just to create your Information Memorandum and list your business on a web portal. But if no-one sees it, what's the point? - If we don't already know a buyer for your company, we'll reach out to our global network of thousands of trade buyers Private Equity firm, VCs, Family offices and investors and get a deal done. Fast.


The next chapter in your Brand story, the new owners who will 'take it from here' is all about synergy, culture and care'

We listen to you, to what's important and we introduce only the kind of buyer that fits your idea of a 'safe pair of hands. We'll talk you through our strategies to find the best fit, what you can expect in values and how we work out the best deal for everyone, before we even talk to acquirers.


Creating a deal that works, for you and for the buyer...

Let's be clear, a large bag of cash on 'closing day' isn't realistic anymore. We create financial structures to ensure the sale of your company strategically. That means we strive to get the best price for you and a great deal for the buyer. That takes time,experience and patience. With over 200 years in collective financial and deal making experience, we've got your back.

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Did You Know?
of SMEs Will Never Sell...

EPI estimates that some 4.5 million firms representing more than $10 trillion in business value will transition over the next decade or so, but Snider believes only about 20 percent to 30 percent of businesses that go to market end up selling.

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We focus our engagement with buyers on cash rich, growing businesses, the kind of companies who have the ambition, people and cash flow to ensure your brand story carries on.

Right now, there could be a company owner on our files looking for a business just like yours. We work with clients and partners who are serial business entrepreneurs. They are looking for good brands reliable cash-flow, sustainable profitability and skilled people. If that's what you have and you'd like to see the brand grow while you enjoy the fruits of your labour, let's talk.

When the time is right, we'll bring in the right people to talk you through the options you have to achieve a sale.

'Why Sell With Rise?'

We do things differently, because it works. Our entire business model is built on relationships, with our partners in Private Equity, finance and deal-making,

No upfront cost risk to you.

Chances are, we already have a relationship with the investor or company that will acquire you. There's no need to pay us just to get in touch and make the introductions.

Over 200 years of experience.

Every exit comes with our deal team behind it. Together we have +200 years of deal making experience. We have financial experts, funding experts and legal team on hand to get your company sold.

Deal terms

We ask for 12 weeks sole rights to find a buyer and charge 10% of deal value up to £$1m, then 5% thereafter.


Our network spans the globe

We've sold companies in the UK to acquirers in the US and US companies to UK investors. Our network reaches across all sectors and industries.

Structuring your perfect exit

Our strategies give you cash on exit, cash over time ( for tax) and you could even retain some equity to profit from the new owners growth plans for your brand. Talk to us about the best deal for you.

You keep what's yours.

The next step is to book in a cal with us. In 15 minutes you'll know if our approach is the right fit for you and there is no obligation.
If you're ready to exit, we're ready to help you get it done.