Strategy 2: We'll Find Your M&A Opportunities

For less then the cost of a mid-level office manager, we bring a complete acquisition deal sourcing team to create your M&A outreach at scale.

Expect to be having serious acquisition discussions with interested sellers within four weeks.

How to execute M&A deals using seller funding and other strategies.

You've probably heard of 'no cash down' acquisitions of 'fully funded' deals? - Well, they are a reality but perhaps those titles are a little confusing. In this short video Rise Founder Jamie Sylvian shows you a couple of ways in which you could take ownership of a company, using the strategies learned in our M&A learning module.

Strategy 2.

Deal sourcing is a numbers game, it can take a lot of time.

Our approach is to bring the service to you, for less than the cost of getting on of your own team to learn the approach and execute.

At Rise, we have a full research and outreach team who do the heavy lifting for you, delivering qualifies opportunities to your email adress.


Fast Start.

With this strategy expect to be having acquisition conversations within about a month of starting (usually much sooner)

Professional Messaging

We take care of the complete outreach programme, from data research to writing emails and Social outreach messages.

Your Team Do The Deals.

Strategy 2 could be a fit if you have the team to follow up on opportunities and engage with the sellers while we focus on deal sourcing.


Targeted Research.

You decide on the target sectors, we get to work on large scale outreach to find you the opportunities.

You Take Control.

When we source an opportunity, we'll gather key data and pass the information on to you and your team to follow up.

Funding Deals.

We have the capacity to help with deal funding. Talk to our team and see if strategy 2 could be the right approach for your company growth.
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