Strategy 3: Leave it all to us...

In Strategy 3, we become your deal team. We'll research opportunities, take care of outreach, engage with the sellers, review the numbers, value the business and work out the funding options...then we'll liaise with you and your team to get the deal across the line.

When a deal opportunity comes in, my team don’t send it to your inbox. They send it to mine.

Deal Strategy

Jamie Sylvian, Founder of Rise Strategies has been in M&A for over 20 years. He was also the Joint Founder of a London based marketing company that sold for £210m in 2006.

'Strategy 3'
Full Deal Sourcing Management

Our deal team is led by our Founder Jamie Sylvian. The Rise team will source the opportunities, engage with sellers, review the finances, and strategise the offers to get the right deal for all parties.

We make sure the opportunity fits into your strategy and the numbers stack up before we hand it to you.

Deal Sourcing

In Strategy 3, our team source the opportunities for you. Instead of sending them to you, we do the follow up.

Financial Reviews

At Rise we have an in-house financial team to review the company accounts and make sure everything looks good.


Data Research

Our AI database has over 10 million records, updated daily with CEOs and CFOs,the people you need to be talking to.

Engage & Negotiate

Before you even see an opportunity we will have engaged with the seller to ensure the deal is one worth doing.

Share Our Deck With Your Team

...of companies delay critical business decisions based on their difficulty in sharing information internally. We've fixed that.

Our decks can be instantly shared around your team, NEDs,advisors and anyone else with an interest in the success of your company.


Monthly Pre acquisition Deal Team Fee


Monthly Post Acquisition Management Fee