Strategy 3: We’ll Find Your Opportunities

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Strategy 3: Deal Sourcing

In our second strategyl, rather than spending your day searching Linkedin, Companies House, Social sites, forums blogs and websites, sending emails and joining in on Social media groups, my team will find the opportunities and hand them straight to you.  

Deal sourcing is a numbers game and I have four researchers, two outreach managers and two deal flow managers to play.

With this strategy expect to be having acquisition conversations within about a month of starting (usually much sooner) and subject to your time availability to do the calls and meet the sellers and the deal being fundable, you should be looking at an acquisition, done and dusted, you holding the keys,  in 90-120 days.

Here’s why you should consider strategy 2;

Deal flow, without a doubt is the most time consuming part of our business. You can do it yourself, allocate the role to a member of staff or  Partner with Rise so that it is all taken care of for you. You continue running your business while we source the acquisition deals. We find them, check them and hand them over to you and your team, so you can acquire and integrate them into XXXXXXXXX