"We'll partner you with Private Equity, find you a company to buy, raise 95% of the capital required and even take care of the due diligence and legal costs"...

Talk to us about our Private Equity partnership programme


Why Go the Private Equity Route?

Stepping up to a Private Equity partnership makes sense if your goal is an eventual exit or IPO. While the Rise team find deals for you, our private equity partners take care of the entire process, from analysts, reviews, due diligence, tax, legal and funding every deal up to 95% of deal value. This approach is a game changer.


How it works.

Rise Find the opportunities. fund them and you run the business day to day. It's important to note that we don't get involved in running the companies other than at a buy side strategy level based on the fit for acquisition opportunities. You are always in control of the company. We focus on the acquisitions.

We call it Exit Firepower!

Meet Your Expert

Our Private Equity team bring experience from some of the worlds
leading finance houses.

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'Private Equity'
Joint Venture

Adding a Private Equity partner into your acquisitions mix make sense if you plan to grow big and grow fast.

Access to Capital

M&A has a lot of moving parts. Not least of which is the ability to raise capital. As a partner, raising the funds for your deals becomes the responsibility of Our PE partners

+150 Years of Collective Experience.

The PE team have over 150 years in combined corporate finance experience at the highest level. You're in good hands.

Heading to IPO?

The bigger we can help build your revenues the higher valuation. This partnership is a solid foundation for IPO


A Modular Approach

You may decide to manage the deals we find for you by yourself or bring the Rise team onboard to take charge of that process. We'll work with you to find the best fit.

This strategy is all about collaboration.

When we partner on these merger deals, our fortunes and ambitions are perfectly aligned with yours. We aim to win too.

Ring Fenced & Protected

Our approach is to ring fence each acquisition, protecting each business should anything go wrong with the deal.