Join our IPO programme and float your company on the Nasdaq.

An IPO is a sound strategy for mature organisations or for early-stage enterprises requiring access to capital The Rise team have brought together a full stack team of Private Equity, finance, legal, strategists and financiers to give you the opportunity to create your own or become a part of a Nasdaq listed Public company.


Why an IPO?

Joining our IPO programme brings your brand into a much larger, more valuable company. You remain in charge of your brand while havinga ccess to all the benefits of being a publisc company.


You'll have access to cash to build your company.

An IPO is the single best access point to raising capital for growth and being part of a much larger company gives the group the collective financial firepower to acquire new businesses into the grouop, increasing everyone's value.


You build your company, we'll build the group.

Our role as strategists is to bring brands that are a strategic fit for the overall aim of the group. Our partners in Private Equity are experienced experts in taking the group to IPO.


Jamie Sylvian on IPO

Jamie has been a dealmaker and strategist for over 25 years. He was a Joint-Founder of the company that re-branded as and sold for £210m. He now inspire CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide to build their own high value EXIT strategy, offering experience, advice, contacts and 'sleeve rolled up' help on deal making. He advises on strategic planning and has built a global network of specialists to make M&A deals happen, from basic phone based consulting to full stack Private Equity M&A Deal team. Let's work out what you need, then I'll help you make it happen.
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Share Our Deck With Your Team

...of companies delay critical business decisions based on their difficulty in sharing information internally. We've fixed that.

Our decks can be instantly shared around your team, NEDs, advisors and anyone else with an interest in the success of your company.