Strategy 5: List Your Company on the Nasdaq

Listing your company is just the start of the next chapter in your company journey. A listing gives you access to capital for acquisitions, expansion into other territories, R&D and building your brand fast.

Meet our IPO Partners

Perry M. Anderson is a Canadian Private Equity investor, lecturer and author. In 2002, he founded Private Equity firm, Quadra Global Capital Corp, and has completed over 30 investments across a diverse range of sectors, including Avigilon, a Canadian security surveillance company that Perry exited from that was sold to Motorola for $1.2 Billion.

Perry also lectures globally. In partnership with Rise, Perry runs a tactical M&A workshop that teaches entrepreneurs how to do deals and grow their business via mergers and acquisitions. Perry is also a recent author of the book Red To Black: The Art of Corporate Turnaround.


The Rise team become your post-IPO acquisitions team

Publicly listed companies have access to real capital, the kind of finance that make acquisitions fast and easy.

The Rise team can become your acquisitions deal time, finding the right opportunities for your company to acquire, adding value through strategic deal making.


Deal Sourcing

Rise have a global reach. We collaborate with a wide network of Deal Makers, Analysts, Due Diligence Experts, Funders, Tax Specialists, CPAs and legal professionals to help get deals done. Our network becomes your network.


Your 'Plug & Play' Deal team.

Assembling a team of competent M&A strategies can take time...a lot of time...But we become your tea, ready to go on day one because we will have already worked together on deal sourcing.


We'll Find, Negotiate & Arrange to Fund The Deals.

When a deal opportunity comes in, my team don’t send it to your inbox. Instead, it comes to ours. We review the opportunity for you and engage with sellers. If it looks interesting, we pass it to our team accountant/CPA to get a professional view on the numbers. We make sure the opportunity fits into your strategy and the numbers stack up.

Share Our Deck With Your Team

...of companies delay critical business decisions based on their difficulty in sharing information internally. We've fixed that.

Our decks can be instantly shared around your team, NEDs,advisors and anyone else with an interest in the success of your company.