We'll teach your team how to set up Joint Ventures.

We work on-site with your team, showing them how to identify profitable JV opportunities, engage with partners, work out margins and fully manage campaigns. After that, it's all profit.


Your team will know how to reduce ad-spend dramatically...while bringing in new customers and revenues

Our training is not generic, we'll be focused on your brand, your products and services and strategies specific to your team. After training your people will have a comprehensive playbook for setting up profitable joint ventures.


We'll teach your team or take care of the whole process for you.

We'll give them a playbook on what to do and the tools to get it done. We're also here if your team need on-going guidance and advice on implementation.
"Fantastic, many thanks indeed for your time and the “bonus” time you graciously gave us, the team were really animated and enthused"
Billion Dollar Gaming Company Bet Victor - Gibraltar.

Here's How Joint Venture training Works

This is hands on training, at your site or a local meeti g venue, you bring the team, we'll bring the experience, now-how and strategy to make it work for your company

"The Awesome Power of Joint-Ventures"!

...let's say I hooked you up with a client of mine who has built up 10,000 active buyers, all similar to your own customer profiles...and we created a campaign with YOU that converted at 30%, with a $50 income per sale to you (so 3,000 sales) Your revenues would be $150,000!..
at ZERO cost

Joint Ventures work,

Because all Parties Have
The Same Goals.



Your team connect to companies (hosts) with strategically aligned, non competing products and services to run joint campaigns between both companies.

Zero Cost

At no cost to you, the host company cross promotes your company to their list of confirmed buyers and leads. You agree to do the same for them and agree profit shares.

True Partnership

You know your sector, your market and your people. You'll know the kind of joint venture opportunities make sense. We'll work out a strategy and together we'll make it happen, with your team leading each project.


Rinse & Repeat

Your goal is to work on a new project every month or two. Your team will have the knowledge to execute on JV programmes as a key profit centre for your business

Low Risk Strategy

No money changes hands to do these deals. You share in profits made from the extra campaigns your people put in place and share the profits with your JV partners.

"Use Joint Ventures to Add $750,000 a month to your revenues..

...In this scenario, I set up a JV between you and my client company who have +50,000 active, loyal and regular buyers, all similar to your own customer profile. Assuming we get the same 30% conversion rate and the same $50 revenue per sale, the campaign would produce 15,000 sales at little to no cost to you and your revenues would be $750,000! ..
at ZERO cost

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