"This is exactly how we can help
you build your company
through a series of low/no cash down

The Short Story.

Three example strategies, from a 'toolbox' of over 250, showing how you could buy a series of bolt-on companies to build revenues, EBITDA and exit value.

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The Deck Strategy

These are the 7 critical places we'll be looking to acquire companies to bolt-on to yours (#2 is very clever) ANy one of them could double yur revenues and profitability in a single deal...

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The Full Strategy.

View Time: 29 minutes and 11 seconds

Here's What You'll Learn



This is the plan.There is a very specific approach to buying using our approach. Getting it right means you can buy businesses at low multiples and sell at high.


So, how do you take a company with low sophistication ( and therefore a low buy price) and build it into a sophisticated, highly valuable and saleable company?Here's how...

Integrate & Sell to Private Equity

Learn more about our approach to making your business onto the radar of cash rich private equity. What they are looking for, what they will pay and how to make your company stand out.


If you'd prefer to take your company to an IPO, stage 4 is where that happens. We will have found, funded and acquired a series of companies, boosted aggregated revenues, consolidated and integrated. Now we'll introduce you to IPO specialist for a life changing event. Going Public.

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Zoom Interview Q&A

View Time: 27 minutes

Here's What You'll Learn


Why Partner With Rise?

Jamie's experience in the M&A world and the 'big' deal that got him started and how 25 years in business has created the Rise brand and strategy.

A deeper dive into how we partner with you to grow and eventually, exit for a massive multiple.

A series of 'why and how' questions to highlight our vision for helping company owners to grow through fast yet controlled acquisitions.

The Strategy Process

We'll take you step by step through the process, how it all fits together, why your workload decreases as your company builds and how our team becomes your team in the growth of your business.

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