Thinking About Your Exit?...Here's how to make THREE times more money when you sell.

"Bring your business into our 'Virtual Merger' Then carry on doing what you do best, while we build the value, find the buyer and create your life changing exit"...


Come onboard our next merge, build and exit programme.

Our private equity backed strategy gives you all the benefits of merging your company and selling to the highest bidder, without the cost, risk and pitfalls you'd be likely to experience in a 'normal' merger. Our approach gives you a 100% de-risked approach to selling your company.


You are in control....always

A virtual merger leaves you in total control of the company you have built, right up until the day you exit. Management decisions, budgets, hiring and clients all stay with you while we focus on building the financial framework that will scale your company value beyond anything you could achieve alone.


Virtual Mergers, the smartest 'build to sell' strategy today.

This strategy takes your 'stand-alone' business and makes it a part of a group. That scale and aggregated revenue creates the kind of deal Private Equity is looking to buy. Low cost, de-risked and strategically sound, because you NEVER give up equity in your business.

Move your business value to
X ebitda valuation

Joining our Virtual Merger gives your company the kind of value usually attributable to much larger enterprises. We do it by creating a consolidated value for the entire strategically aligned group. If you are serious about exiting in the next 12 months, we should talk

It's all about doing what you do best. You know your company, your systems, your clients and your people. We know how to consolidate companies in the most efficient way possible to maximise the value when we sell to private equity.

Once on-board, you do exactly as you've always done to build your company, but now you have a global footprint, skill and financial resources to take on bigger clients ,all designed to increase revenues and profitability. All that while we are focused on creating the group, adding new partners and working with Private Equity, trade, VC and Family offices to create a highly desirable group that sells at a much higher multiple than stand alone businesses. a

WHy Join Our Virtual Merger?

We're building a series of virtual mergers, aggregating revenues, consolidating systems and selling to Private Equity at a much higher multiple than you could ever achieve as a stand alone business. Meet our Founder Jamie Sylvian as he explains how a Virtual Merger will work for your company....

Low cost & high value.

The only cost to max your exit value is  a monthly  management fee of $1500, a small price to multiply your value by millions.

We bring +150 years of experience.

Our virtual merger team have over 150 years in combined corporate finance experience at the highest level

Your brand, global.

The moment you join our programme you get access to partners globally for joint venture partnerships.


A completely de-risked strategy.

This is a 'build to sell' strategy, but you have full control over your company decisions.

This strategy is all about collaboration.

We partner on every merger deal, so our fortunes and ambitions are perfectly aligned with yours.

You keep what's yours.

You never give up equity or management. You run your business your way while we create the wealth and exit strategy.
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