A 'Virtual' Merger is a strategy to group your company with other like minded business owners to create a much larger, more valuable business when you exit....

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Why Go the Virtual Merger Route?

Virtual mergers give you all the benefit of being a much larger, more valuable company when you exit.


How it works.

This could be a fit if you are looking at exit options and the best way to maximise values. Being a part of a merged group moves your company quickly up the value scale.

"Our strategy gives you the exit cash-out firepower of a company up to 5 times your size ...
without adding a single new client"

We're building a series of virtual mergers, aggregating revenues, consolidating systems and selling to Private Equity at a much higher multiple than you could ever achieve as a stand alone business. Meet our Founder Jamie Sylvian as he explains how a Virtual Merger will work for your company.

Why Join Our Non-Integrated
Virtual Merger?


You Stay in Control

Non-integrated simply means your company, while being a 'notional' brand within the merged group remains entirely autonomous for the whole journey to exit.

You Never Give Away Equity

What you've built remains yours. We never take equity in our Virtual Merger Partners business.

100% De-risked

If at anytime right up to exit day, you decide our path is no longer a fit for you, we will simply cancel the agreement at no costs and you go back to being a stand alone business.

Virtual Merger


Exit Firepower

By 'locking arms' with other strategic businesses, you become a part of a larger more valuable group

On the radar

Private Equity companies are on the look out for high revenue business groups. That's what we're building.

Scale is the key

Each company is separate, non-integrated, but the aggregated revenue scale is what creates the exit firepower values.

You have the helm

You remain in charge of the business, but we encourage you to build up the team who will take charge when you exit the company on exit day.

a de-risked strategy

At all times, you remain in charge of your brand. Should you decide this isn't for you, you simply reverse and go back to being a stand-alone company.

If you were selling your 'stand-alone' company today with a £/$300,000 EBITDA and assuming an industry standard 3X EBITDA valuation - that would bring you around £/$900,000 on exit- But, as a part of our Virtual Merger, where you stay in control and never give away shares in your company, your £/$900,000 could become £/$3,390,000

The Scale Effect

Onboarding & Monthly Management Fees

Your commitment to the group is a one off fee of £10,000 that pays for our group accounting, a group Manager and  our deal team to research, engage and bring in new companies, each one designed to add value to the group as a whole and to maximise your values when you exit.