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"There's no Faster Way to Grow Your Company Than Acquisitions. If your company is a fit, Our Team Will Find and Acquire One Business After Another  (for very little cash down) And Turn Your Company into a Multi-Million Pound Enterprise."...


There is no faster growth strategy than acquisition.

Want to know how we can find profitable, reliable acquisition opportunities for you that carry zero risk and can be secured for very little outlay to take control?...

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We bring a unique 7 step strategy to building your company.

Our strategy is not just about about acquiring a competitor to increase your market share. We create an on-going strategy that explodes sales leads, builds out your infrastructure, multiplies customer lifetime value,massively increases margins, locks in value, lowers risk and builds out your company to be just the kind of company that Private Equity will buy. To learn more...

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Strategy coaching for your In-House team.

If you have a team in place, ready to take on the research, outreach, engagement with sellers, our coaching programme could be just the right 'light touch' approach to finding your next acquisitions....

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We Now Have
Low/No Cash Down Strategies

We have 253 (and growing) ways to help you find, fund and acquire a string of strategic, cash rich businesses, bolt them together and sell to the highest bidder. Welcome to Rise Strategies...

While you focus on building your brand for the best exit possible, we spend our days finding, funding and acquiring business that you integrate into your overall brand. Our success is closely aligned to yours, because we retain a percentage share in every business we acquire

When the time is right, we'll bring in the right people to add maximum value and prepare your ( now much larger) business for sale to Private Equity.

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Multiply Your Exit

Using your existing company as the 'Platform'business ... we partner with you to find, fund and acquire a series of 'bolt-on' businesses to grow your business into the kind of company that Private Equity will fall over themselves to buy...

Our Strategy

Competitors,supply chain, IP and digital assets

Your Dream Team

We bring a full research, finance & legal team

No PGs

You will never be asked for a Personal Guarantee.

Funding Deals

We can fund deals up to 100% of acquisition costs

Our Partnership

We find and fund the deals, you run the business.

Protective Deal Structures

Every deal operates in a way to protect your core business.
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