Our 'Done For You' Programmatic Acquisitions Strategies. Find, Fund , Acquire.

"We partner with you to bring your business the THREE fastest growth strategies on earth......

We'll teach you our field tested acquisition strategies, find your deals and bring in our entire deal team with over 150 years of M&A experience ...designed to maximise your revenues, EBITDA and eventual exit valuations"


Everything You Need to Start Acquiring Companies

First, we'll teach you our M&A strategy to buy companies with almost ZERO of your own capital" ...
Our 8 module strategy sessions, delivered by a +20 M&A veteran and Private Equity Company founder give you everything you need to know to close deals and build your company through funded acquisitions.

VIDEO: Watch us create 3 'no cash down' acquisition strategy deal frameworks


So You Can Source Your Own Deals...

We'll show you how to go out and source acquisition opportunities globally and talk to motivated sellers. You'll have contracts and resources to capital markets to get deal after deal over the line.

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Or we'll find them for you

If you prefer, we'll take care of the complete deal sourcing process for you and deliver qualified serious sellers to you by email. Each deal is sourced, interviewed and confirmed that the owner is looking to sell.you take it from there or upgrade to our 'done for you' acquisitions.

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Let's face it, organic growth is slow.Funded acquisitions on the other hand could double your business size and value in an afternoon. Let the dust settle...then do it again

Our first offer is to teach you what we know. A one off fixed cost on-line training programme that shows you a programmatic approach to M&A deal making. Take what you learn and go biy companies...or...

You may decide your existing team have enought to do running your existing business and M&A means a lot of kissing frogs to find your price. We can do it for you...and then...

You if you need it, our full stack deal team can help you drive each acquisition through to completion. We have analysts, strategists, financiers and legal Counsel partners to give you everything you need to set up an acquisitions programme

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We're building a series of virtual mergers, aggregating revenues, consolidating systems and selling to Private Equity at a much higher multiple than you could ever achieve as a stand alone business. Meet our Founder Jamie Sylvian as he explains how a Virtual Merger will work for your company....

Low cost & high value.

Our virtual mergers has a small management fee of £1000 to multiply your value by millions.

We bring +150 years of experience.

Our virtual merger team have over 150 years in combined corporate finance experience at the highest level

Your brand, global.

The moment you join our programme you get access to partners globally for joint venture partnerships.


A completely de-risked strategy.

This is a 'build to sell' strategy, but you have full control over your company decisions.

This strategy is all about collaboration.

We partner on every merger deal, so our fortunes and ambitions are perfectly aligned with yours.

You keep what's yours.

You never give up equity or management. You run your business your way while we create the wealth and exit strategy.
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